More Wives Going Commando

Apparently going commando is more popular than we thought and after an overflow of submissions on this theme, we have decided to do another post.

At Home

Firstly, there is no shortage of photos of wives at home, taking a relaxed time without panties. Why not do that in the comfort of their own couch.

However, at home is not the only place that it is so common to go pantyless.

At picnics

There is nothing like going on a picnic, put on a summer dress, get some drinks and food and then relax with a book. For some reason, this also seems like one of the most popular activities to go without underwear.

If you look around picnic areas you are almost certain to catch a sight like this one eventually.

“The same thing happens very often. My wife starts out conscious about how she is sitting when we go out and she goes commando. But then we have a bit of wine and talk and she starts forgetting about it. I cannot count the times that someone has walked by and gotten a good look of her pussy under her summer dress. The reason I cannot count it is because it has never happened. But it could.”

“My wife likes to go on picnics and I like to see her in her little yellow summer dress. So without talking about it, we do a little trade and I take her on lots of picnics.”

“When my wife falls asleep at the picnic, I like to wait about 15 minutes and then carefully lift her dress up a little and look at the goods. The wind might as well have done that.”

The backyard

More than a few examples of wives relaxing in the back yard without panties on.

We won’t dwell too much on these.


Let’s instead turn out attention to vacation time. Especially when going out to cafes and enjoying the city. There is something about vacation mode that also screams going commando.

“When me and my girlfriend gets home to the hotel in the evening after walking all day long, the panties are gnawing at her and she likes to remove them before we head down to the cafe for a drink.”

Which leads us to the night life – but before we head there, let’s look at the beach for a bit.

The beach

This should be a post of its own, so here are just a few honorable mentions.

“When we have gone for a swim, my wife puts her dress back on and her swimwear is wet so she doesn’t keep it on, leaving her bottomless at the beach and for the rest of the day”.

Another poster had almost the same story, word by word.

Night life

And now for the main category. There is apparently nothing like going out and enjoying the night life that makes a girl want to feel sexy by going without her panties.

Too short

A lot of submissions have no other “cause” than the skirt simply being too short to go commando.

“My girlfriend wears super short skirts with no underwear. Risk takes”

“The combination of a short skirt, no underwear and a bicycle can only produce one outcome”

“My wife likes to wear super short summer dresses with no underwear. It makes for a lot of interesting situations on a windy day”


My girlfriend likes to wear the right clothes and of course she wears a short skirt when playing tennis as you’re supposed to. Here she is, ready for practice.

However, as you can see, she has a habit of pulling the skirt up somewhat so it is riding very high on her.

While she is practicing, I like to sit behind her and see how she is doing.

Usually I can make out her thong but not today…

At one point her skirt rode up and I could see without any doubt that she was not wearing any underwear at all today. I had to say it is amazing how invisible a possible thong can be and the casual observer will just assume it is there. Until they are certain that they are not.

I noticed a couple of guys looking on from the bench on the other side. They started watching her practice.

That’s when she decided to start practicing serves – which would require her to jump every time.

Just as I thought she couldn’t be putting on a more obvious show for them, that is when she decided to tighten the laces on her shoes.

I almost came then and there, but I held on and fucked her for a glorious 20 seconds when we got back to the room.

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