My Big Break

I’ve always dreamed of becoming an actress, even before I could talk. The Glitz, the glam, the lights, I knew that it was only a matter of time before my break came.

I had been taking all types of acting classes since 5 and had fallen in love with Broadway at 10.

Now at the age of 22, I was finally getting my big break. I got a call from a big theatre production company that was known for more raunchy and risque pieces.

They said they wanted to take their company in a new direction and wanted to try something new. I was so excited that I had been chosen first for an audition for this new project. I had to make sure I did a superb job at whatever It was they wanted me to do, so I would be the last audition.


I met with the Program Director Frank he gave me a tour of the theatre and told me the history of it.

When he finished he told me more about what they were looking for and the direction they were going.

” We will be transitioning into bringing out the art and beauty in sex, highlighting and capturing all of the elements of sex live on stage.”

I paused and thought about what he said, ” so like a live porno?” I asked.

He smiled and said yes kind of.

I froze for a second, thinking about If this was the route I wanted to go I had never imagined myself in any type of nude or sex scenes, but If I wanted to be an actress I had to do the hard thing. Actresses who do the hard thing are remembered.

I quickly snapped out of it and said ok what do I do first.

He looked shocked and stumbled over his words, “well um I know this can seem uncomfortable and weird, but we want all of our staff to be comfortable at all times.”

“We came up with having the actresses freely choose what they wanted to do. Keep in mind we want to capture all the beauty of sex, so an emphasis on sounds, touches, and facial expressions, and movement.”

“You can perform how you choose I’ll be the male actor, whatever you are comfortable with for the audition go as little as you want or all out as you want, nothing is off limits.”

Nothing is off limits huh, ok then. I dropped to the floor, slowly unbuttoned his pants, whipped his cock out, and stuffed it all in my mouth.

He moaned loud and said ” wow you’re good,”


I sucked slowly and then fast, licking my tongue all around his cock, slapping it on my face. I was pulling out all my moves to make sure I impress him.

I sucked his cock for a while and then slowly started undressing simultaneously.

I pulled his pants all the way off and he took off his shirt. I seductively laid him down on the prop bed on stage, and then went into a reverse cowgirl.

I slid my tight pussy slowly down on his massive cock. My pussy got wetter each time I slapped my ass down on his cock.

I closed my eyes and when I opened them there was a woman watching us, it startled me but I kept riding his cock.

He had his hands on my waist helping me thrust harder, so his cock could go deeper.


The lady walked to the front of us and he noticed her ” Hey honey, I think Ms. Jessica here is going to be a great fit.

She smiled watched us as if she was studying me.

“that’s his wife, I was thinking to myself, some relationship they have.”


Frank turned me over so that I could face him. The position we were in now made my pussy drip and I started riding him harder.

His wife leaned in closer, now I realized she was studying me, so I made sure to give it my all making sure to moan, and show all my curves, and really go for it.

She watched for about 15 minutes and then said: ” I think she would be a great fit as well dear.”

image ” You have the part,” she said and walked away.

Just as she left Frank quickened his thrust, really slamming his cock into my pussy.

I started to cream all over his cock, and I know he felt it because shortly after he let out a yell and creamed all over my pussy.

We both got dressed and Mr. Frank thanked me for the amazing audition. He instructed me to be back early at 6 A.M sharp to meet with the actor I will be performing with and to start practicing the first scene.

I arrived the next day 15 minutes early, and I met right with the actor Adam. I was shown my room, given my lines and I went straight into hair and makeup.

We started rehearsing at 9 A.M. It was to start off with a massage leading into me orally massaging him, and then him fucking me.

I started with a nice slow sensual massage. Making sure to say my lines ” How does that feel.”

“Mmmmm, wonderful, Thank You'” he replied.


“let me get a little more comfortable here so I can make sure I give you the best massage ever.”

I dopped my silk robe revealing my naked body underneath.

He was still lying on his stomach, and I asked him to turn around to lay on his back.


He turned over and he was supposed to play shocked.

” Oh my wow… you are beautiful,” he said.

” Thank you” I replied and took his whole cock in my mouth.


I made sure to take my time, going slow and speeding up, using a bunch of spit, slapping his cock in my face, I was going all out.

It was time to move to the next scene and I rode his cock even better than I had ridden Frank’s cock.

My pussy was loving Adam’s cock, it got wetter with each stroke.


We finished up our first rehearsal and everyone told us how wonderful we had done, that we were amazing.

I couldn’t have ever imagined I would get my big break this way, but I was sure gonna enjoy it and I was sure gonna make sure I was remembered for it.

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