My Career as a Catalog Model

Hello and welcome to my blog. I’d like to tell you about my career as a catalog model and how I got started.

Far below supermodels and actresses there is another class of models who make a good livelihood of bread’n’butter modeling. We are the catalog models.

For example, this model who is showcasing a sweatshirt on the H&M website. There is not a lot of glamour to be found here, but she went to work, modeled some clothing and


The sames goes for these models posing in lingerie for the H&M website.


Some of these pictures on shopping sites can be sort of sexy, but of course the reason is that the product itself is what it is. For example, sexy lingerie should be modeled by sexy women in order to be presented in the best way. Here is one good example from the “Wish” shopping site.


I didn’t know about this when I went modeling for a catalog for the first time. They did show me these other examples before the shoot, maybe to help me understand that this is just what its like when you’re doing catalog modeling.

The first item of clothing to showcase was this net top. My nipples were clearly visible through the material.


Fun fact – I didn’t actually notice it at the time, because the light in the dressing room was quite low, but the light in front of the camera was super bright.


As you can see, all of this sexy lingerie is a little sheer and it is of course fully justified that it must be modeled like this to be represented in an accurate and effective way.

After these shoots I got a little insensitivized towards showing my nipples. I realized something – that the context matters. If I show my nipples at the beach or at a lingerie photoshoot or while breastfeeding, that’s fine. But if I do it in the local supermarket people might think it’s inappropriate.

The next couple of showcases seemed similar but the difference was that the bottom was sheer too.


Yes I know, you cannot see it on this photo, it looks perfectly fine, except of course my harmless dark spots called nipples.

However, you may be aware that the resolution on these catalog photos are super high. People like to look really close up and see all the details of the fabric – or in this case what’s under the fabric.


Anyway, it’s all part of the life as a catalog model. I cannot afford to be picky about the type of clothes I model. Whether it’s a sweater or lingerie, it’s a job.

I did look for other modeling jobs and I found something interesting. I would maybe not have considered it if I had not already done lingerie shots for the catalog.

It was someone looking for a croquis model. That’s a certain model used for artistic purposes, when people paint while looking at a naked model.

When I came to the place I entered with just a bathrobe and got in a room in front of 10 to 15 people ready to paint with canvasses and colors in front of them.


I took off the robe and looked at a drawing and posed as shown on the drawing.

People started sketching.

After about 10 minutes I was asked to change position.


I was now facing the painters and felt quite naked but people were being very professional and just quietly sketching while looking up at me from time to time.

At the next post, I must admit I hesitated for a bit, but then swallowed my pride and reminded myself that this was all for the arts. Not only did they have me spread my legs, they also had me lean back on my hands.


That’s when I noticed that the canvas and paint was not the only artistic medium they were using. Some of them were also using photography as a medium. They were taking photos of me, some even with their phone, which I didn’t think was very artistic, unless maybe if they were using some instagram filter.

A couple of artists, who happened to be young guys, were using another medium. Clay.

Of course, since they were not painting, but instead shaping my body with their hands, it was explained to me that it would insufficient for them to just look at me. They would have to feel me as well, as they would the clay.

They both put their hands on my body. One behind me and one in front of me. The one behind first touched my back but then slowly slid his hands in front of me and cupped my breasts. It was clear that he was being very mindful of making sure the breasts would be realistic, because he kept grabbing them for a while. The guy in front of me did that as well but he also let his hands slowly slide down over my stomach and near my vagina. I couldn’t help getting wet from this and I could feel my vagina opening up.

The session ended after a while and I couldn’t believe how turned on I had become from just modeling naked in front of these artists, and of course helped along by the touches of these clay artists as well.

I went back to my bread and butter regularly – the catalog photography. I am not sure if you are aware of this, but at these photoshoots, its very normal to not wear underwear. Any clothes that are not part of the actual showcase are not included to avoid any confusion to the viewer.

At one photoshoot for a fashion magazine I was showcasing a bra and a shawl skirt.


While moving around, changing positions, it would be inevitable that I would occasionally expose myself indecently and it would be equally inevitable that the capture wouldn’t catch some of these moments.


Now that is all good and fine, as long as the focus of the photoshoot stays on target and is about the clothing and not about me.

You could argue that it was unsuccessful in this case, because the following is the photo that the magazine eventually chose to put in their catalog.


Yes, that’s my snatch in display there. I’m not a nude model or rather I wasn’t. I think this was the photo that gave me a reputation that I was up for risky shots and then it was the only kind of job I could get.

For example, the week after I was invited to another photoshoot and this is what they made me wear. A t-shirt. But that’s not all. Well, actually, that was all and that was the problem.


I couldn’t believe they allowed these photos to make it into their catalogues but I did notice that they started charging money for people to actually buy the catalog. And people did buy them. Thanks to me, I guess.

I got used to the fact that for every session, they wanted a bit of money shot – a little shot of my snatch in the picture. Like here where it’s a little less obvious but apparently helped selling the apparel.


One time I got curious and started looking up jobs for nude modeling.

I was surprised to see that there was a lot of open offers on that and they paid better than my old jobs! Wow! That was an eye-opener. I was anyway having photos taken of my pussy almost every time so I decided I might as well take control of that situation and start taking nude modeling shots.

My first nude modeling was for a motorcycle.

When I saw the shots after the shoot I was sure that this one was going to get picked from the series to get printed.


However, instead they chose on the photos where I was getting on or off the motorcycle.

It was a little obscene but eye-catching for sure!


I couldn’t help but think how many guys were sitting at home jacking off to the photos of me. I liked the thought of that.

I did more nude modeling after that.


But let me fast forward about 2 months. This was the fifth photoshoot of a contract consisting of 5 photoshoots, meaning to get paid, I would have to complete all five.

It was still nude modeling, but it was a little more action packed.

I was advertising a sex swing – and doing a great job of it.


An assistant helped me up and helped me get moving. They got some really obscene shots, right up the middle.

I wish they had let me know about the photoshoot in advance so I could be prepared. In order to make my pussy look like it was ready for sex – a necessity for this type of shoot – the assistant actually licked my pussy!

And it helped.


He was even fingering me to make sure my pussy would form an opening – a tunnel, he called it. Essential to get the shot just right.


Quickly afterwards he pulled his pants down and stuck his penis in as well!!

I quickly processed this in my mind. He already had his fingers in me. Why would the skin in one place of his body be such a bigger deal than skin on another part of this body. No that didn’t surprise me, even. Maybe a little.

No, what really surprised me was that not only did he move his cock inside to prepare me for the photoshoot – no, they continued taking photos and video as he started fucking me on the swing.


“This will be great advertisement” the director said and of course I had to agree with him, although it was not what I had in mind. Had there not been a sex swing, I told myself, there was no product to push and then I would be the product and this would be porn. However. there was a sex swing and I was in the business of selling products. And for this particular type of product, this was just the best way to sell it.