My first gloryhole experience

My boyfriend told me he thought it could be fun to do a glory hole thing with me. His idea was for me to go to this place that has a glory hole and he would be there at the same time and stick his penis into my booth.


I thought, “why not” and went to the glory hole place.

It was a little awkward, but also kind of exciting. I would never do that sort of thing if it wasn’t for the fact that it would be my boyfriends dick, so it was really just a bit of fun.

I got undressed and got ready for the dick, it should come in through the hole any minute now.


The dick came in. It seemed a little larger than how I remember my boyfriend’s dick, but maybe it was just because he usually has some hair on it, and he must have shaven it for this special occassion.


I started sucking my boyfriend’s cock. It was completely hard, he really liked it. I decided to give him a little surprise and managed to actually let him fuck me through the glory hole. I put his penis in my pussy …


… of course, I couldn’t keep that up for long, it was simply too uncomfortable – so I had to go back to sucking him off after a minute.


Maybe it was the fucking he had just gotten that was the reason why he all of a sudden came. He usually goes on for longer than this. He came in my mouth and I let the cum slide out of my mouth – he wasn’t here to see me anyway.

“I’m coming in there” he then said and I heard a knocking on the door. I opened the door and my boyfriend came in.

(what did you think? that it was someone else on the other side? nope, it was really her boyfriend – the no-twist twist!)

3 thoughts on “My first gloryhole experience”

  1. no~twist twist……me likey!!!…………though i must say, try up your posting rate or bring in other writers too. Good job tho! :~)

  2. Maybe you didn’t notice the message in the upper right corner of Illusex – can’t blame you, there is lots of other stuff to look at…

  3. My boyfriend took med to a glory hole once. He watched me suck three cocks. I was so wet, he fucked me while I sucked.the third one off

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