My maids’ change of profession

I must admit I’ve always had a bit of a maid fantasy. I actually have a maid, but it’s not the kind that I fantasize about. You know the kind – in the short skirt and black and white clothes. French maid style. My maid is just one that comes in every wednesday, sweeps and cleans and then leaves 2 hours later.


It’s obvious that she is a cutie and that she needs cash – otherwise why would she be a maid. So I decided to take a chance and offer her a raise in return for wearing a uniform as dictated by me.

I could tell she was into the idea, cus she didn’t say no. Instead she simply asked for $200 extra every week. An outrageous amount, almost doubling her salary, but I couldn’t resist it. I had to see her in the outfit. I had already bought it.


She continued with her duties in her new uniform. I could tell she was kind of into it, because she was playfully bending a little in her hip, so that I would be able to see the panties in the maid outfit.


As it turned out, after a few weeks I got kind of bored with it. I then got the idea to demand that she would go topless. I reminded her that I was in charge of her uniform. At first she didn’t agree to it, but she also wouldn’t accept going down to her previous salary, so she finally agreed with it.


Would you know it – after a few weeks I got tempted to press my luck and demanded that she should lose the skirt too. When she didn’t hesitate, I quickly added “and panties”.

She agreed. I guess from being topless, there is not a long way to going bottomless too. Some kind of barrier has been overcome by that.


She was quite she about it and tried to keep her legs together at all times. Both when sitting down, as here, but also when performing her duties.

After a few weeks, however, she became more and more comfortable about it. I guess she got used to it. It’s possible to get used to a lot of things, I guess.

She started getting so casual, even when I had a noticeable boner in my pants that I at some point dared to sit and wack off in a couch while she was walking around cleaning. She didn’t seem to mind.

“While you’re cleaning the kitchen, could you sweep in the corners too?” I yelled from the living room.

She did. As she came into the living room, ready to clean the area around the couch where I was sitting, I decided to take it to the next level.

“While you’re cleaning the couch, could you also clean this out” I said, and pointed to my penis. “It would cost you an extra $100 per week” she said. I just nodded. Soon after, and I mean, VERY soon after, she had emptied my cock.


That’s the story of how I transformed my maid into … a more thorough and entertaining maid.

It had even become pretty normal, that when she finally came to “clean the couch” as we called it, she would give me a ride too.

After a few weeks, I would invite friends over and we would usually be sitting 3 or 4 guys in the couch. Some times she would not even have time to clean that much. I was even considering hiring another maid at some point, to do the actual cleaning, but I decided the one I had would have to be good enough.

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