My Personal Trainer

It’s a little expensive, but it’s definitely worth it. Having your own personal trainer let’s you focus on your performance and you get a better workout. My trainer is a real nice guy. He always makes sure I am comfortable and he takes care of me.


I had some smudge near my eye, and he carefully wiped it away. I feel so safe around him. Also, when I trust him, that’s when he can really push me to perform and just make one more push-up, one more stretch – just one more every time. And that gives the optimal workout.

After workout I … wait, did I mention this? Panties are not part of my outfit when I work out …


No, I guess you’re right, I didn’t mention that. Well, it wasn’t exactly my idea, but I have grown accustomed to my outfit. Besides being practical, there’s another reason. It was actually my personal trainer that explained this to me.

We were talking about why I performed better when he encouraged me. At first I couldn’t explain it, because I have the same amount of muscles whether he encourages me or not, so how can I do more push-ups etc. when he is encouraging me? It doesn’t really make sense when you think about it.

He explained to me that it has to do with adrenalin. By yelling when I am working out, he works up adrenaline in my body and I can perform better. That’s why, when I am really completely done and can’t do another sit-up, that’s when it’s really effective if I force it upon me. He pointed out that the most natural and comfortable way to get a whole lot of adrenalin in your body, is if you are sexually aroused.


So after I work out, he starts doing stuff that may sexually arouse me. Even though I swear I am all exhausted and can’t work out any more, when I get a little aroused, I sort of forget about it and thereby gain strength. It’s more effective than any drug. Well … it sort of IS a drug, but it’s natural. The body produces adrenalin and other drugs and that is what makes me feel like that.

When I’m starting to get aroused, I get some energy to work out more. Now, my trainer points out that the best work-out at this point is one that adds adrenalin, so I can continue for longer.


Being aroused already, it’s easy to slip down upon his cock. I can move up and down and it feels so good to have his thick cock in my pussy and some times in my ass. I get so aroused, that I completely forget that I was tired. I fuck and fuck. Even though I am physically exhausted, the adrenalin helps me to keep fucking.

After 1 hour of work-out I can still do 30 minutes of fucking – that’s an extra 50% effectiveness in my work-out because of this tip.

In order to get the most out of a good work-out, you need to get a a lot of proteins almost immediately after work-out and then you have to eat more. Did you know that semen has a very, very high concentration of protein? My trainer says that it’s the best thing to ingest right after a work-out and he speculates that this may not be a coincidence at all. I like the thought of getting more work-out because of how my natural adrenalin increases when having sex, so I think it’s only natural that I take advantage of the natural healthy protein that you can get from semen – that is why I gladly take his load in my mouth at the end of each training session.


I am so lucky to have a personal trainer with so many new ideas who knows so much about the body.

Pictures provided by My Sexy Kittens

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