My tenant, the student

Let me start the story by telling you a bit my tenant. She is a student and she is studying all the time and is very focused on her studies. Besiden studying, she eats, sleeps and works.

When I come home from work, I invariably find her studying in the couch.


She doesn’t exactly overpay to stay in my apartment. She has a small room and I agreed to give it to her for just $200 per month. I initially wanted $300, but she said that’s all she could afford and I caved.

However, we made a fun little silent deal. We never really talked about or shook on it, it just sort of happened.

It developed sort of over time.


She would always study in the common area and she would usually just wear light clothing, like underwear or a thin blouse. The apartment is hot, because there is no A/C here.

Then one day I would casually put my hand on her leg, while watching TV. The next night, I would pat her butt. Until I would openly be groping her ass.

At one point I would even pull her panties down and start fingering her. She would just continue studying.


It wasn’t long after I had succeeded in taking her panties off, during an evening study session, that I went for it. I started fucking her. Nothing.

She didn’t moan. She didn’t react at all, just kept studying.


It wasn’t that she didn’t understand what was going on or anything like that, because some evenings she would even just grab my cock and start stroking it while we were sitting there in the couch.

Then I would either fuck her or she would just stroke me till completion.


I had a really great time coming home from work these months.

Then something happened that changed things. It was still fine, but different. I heard her talking on the phone and she said “Yeah, I’m staying here with my boyfriend”. Yes, she meant me.

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