My wife’s colleague

When my wife’s colleague was staying over, she would always drive me crazy. I think she had a bit of a crush on my wife. For some reason, she should always stroll around in her underwear, not understanding what effect it had on me and other people at our house.


When my wife’s colleague was staying over, they would take over the master bed room and have a pyjamas part. Well, she would not be wearing a pyjamas though. On the contrary, she would always sleep naked and not pay great attention to whether the duvet was keeping her covered.

I would get quite a nice view when I checked on them, which I did quite often.


They would casually hang out like that in bed the entire evening and morning too.


One time that she had been staying over, I caught her by surprise in the shower. We hadn’t worked out a shower schedule, so this sort of thing was bound to happen, especially with no lock on the bathroom door.

Considering how liberal she was with my wife, I was surprised that she was covering up like that when I entered the bathroom.


Of course, the most polite thing would be to excuse myself and leave immediately, but I couldn’t and definitely wouldn’t do that. It would make me late for work and also she would be using up all the hot water.

“Excuse me, I’ll be late for work” I said and entered the shower with her. She was still covering her breasts and pussy with her hands and arms.

“Can you pass me the soap” I asked.


“Thanks”. I put soap on myself.

Then I figured, the sooner we are both done, the sooner the shower is available for my wife and we can all be on time for work. “Let me help you there” I said and put some soap on her. In hindsight, I should have probably asked, but she didn’t say anything, not with her mouth anyway.


I even helped her spread the soap, which was very easy while standing behind her.


I spent considerable time putting soap everywhere on her and I was very thorough. Finally she was very clean and so was I.

I only had one last thing left to do of my morning routine. Jack off. That’s right, I jack off in the shower every morning. Sue me. This time I had wasted time helping her wash up and I was getting late for work, so I thought of a shortcut to jack off.

“I’m just going to jack off in you, it’ll be faster that way” I told her and pushed my cock into her soaped up pussy.


I pushed my cock all the way into her and let her pussy envelop my cock. It was tight and snug in there. It felt perfect. I moved it slowly out then thrust it into her fast and firmly, the continued like this for what must have been about 5 times, before I could feel the point of no return. I started fucking her faster and faster, after a little while I started cumming. I didn’t stop but just continued fucking her while I was cumming in her.

Finally, after the last cum had been deposited in her, I started slowing down and let my limp dick slip out. Just in time, because the water was getting cold.

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