Naked is the new topless

When I lived in the US, I was usually the kind of liberated girl that went topless on beaches and by the pool. Both because it was comfortable, but I guess mostly the kick I get from it, being an exhibitionist. I’ve moved to Europe in the mean time, and this is the view I get at beaches here. It’s the same at the poolside.


Yes, the europeans are very casual about going topless. They just don’t care, I guess – or maybe they’re all exhibitionists. But that doesn’t make sense, because if you’re wearing the same as everyone else, that’s not being exhibitionistic. Exhibitionism is a relative thing in that respect.

I, of course, went to the pool topless, but that didn’t give me any kick at all, because everyone else there was topless as well. As exhibitionism is relative, I figured the equivalent of being topless in the US, would be to go skinny dipping in Europe. No one else was skinny dipping, so I would get my exhibitionistic kick out of it.


I was being a bit shy about it at first, as one should when being exhibitionistic, I guess, but quite quickly got used to the thought that this was just like being topless, only in Europe everyone’s topless, so to be “topless” you gotta be naked.

Having changed my permanent address to this european country, I would get quite a lot of naked pool time and a lot of nice attention. Back in the US, however, I used to go skinny dipping once in a while to get an extra kick. Hmm .. skinny dipping … I was already naked, so how could I get that extra kick.

I couldn’t travel or move back to the US for personal reasons, so I would have to find a solution here. One day I needed the kick so bad, that I decided that the equivalent to skinny dipping would have to be having sex in public. Being naked, having a good body, it was no problem to flirt with a guy and get him to come fuck me.


I had previously been worried about the fact that it might actually be illegal, like it is in the US, but had heard that even prostitution was legal in this country, so assumed it would be completely fine to have sex in public.

However, a uniformed police office approached, while I was being fucked by this stranger. “Don’t you know it’s illegal to fornicate in public, unless you’re a professional”.

“Uhm, sorry” I just said. The police officer made it clear to me that it didn’t matter one bit how sorry I was, I would have to pay the $500 fine for having public sex. Terrible. I didn’t own 500 dollars. I would have to get out of this some how. I whispered to the guy still fucking me. “Quickly, give me some money” I said. He looked at me confused. “Quickly, he said unless I’m a professional – if you pretend to pay me, I’ll dodge the fine”.


“Ok” he said, still fucking me, “but all I have is 2 dollars”. He handed me two one dollar bills. It was a ridiculous amount, but it didn’t matter to me right now. “Thankyou sir” I said and turned to the police officer. “Well, as it turns out, I’m in fact a professional, so no need to fine me.”

“Ok mam” he said. I was reliefed but was kind of worried about his next question. “That’s a quite competitive price you have there. Just 2 bucks for a fuck”. I thought he was hinting that he wanted one as well. Although it was not what I had in mind, I thought it’d be alright, if it would get me out of this problem, so I offered it to him as well. “That offer is also valid for you”. I said. He did not accept it.

“Of course, mam, it’s illegal to discriminate people, so you naturally cannot change the price depending on who it is. Unfortunately, I’m on duty, so I can’t accept”. I was not unhappy about that. I just wanted this to end by now.

The guy fucking me got cold from all the commotion and talk and actually left mid-fuck. I was about to put my clothes back on and get out of there, when another guy approached me. “I heard about the good offer” he said and handed me 2 dollars. I was about to protest, but noticed the police officer still standing there. I had to accept. He lifted me up on him and made me ride him.


The chat with the police officer continued. “Do you have a work permit?” he asked. I had to admit that I didn’t. It would be stupid to lie, because he would surely ask for it. “That’s no problem, I can issue one for you immediately” he said and handed it to me. “Do you mind?” he asked, while pointing to my purse. He wanted to get my information for the form from my id card. “Sure” I said and he wrote down all the details.

I had to stop fucking the guy for 2 seconds, when he handed me the form to sign, but then continued.

The police officer explained to me how it works. “You are now certified and as a public service, there is even free advertising included, in the official newspaper”. I was not too keen on getting this fake line of business advertised and said no thanks to the advertisement. Unfortunately it was compulsory! There would now be an ad in the newspaper for me being a prostitute!

I didn’t see the ad, but it didn’t take long before people started showing up at me door with 2 dollars and the expectation to get a fuck. In the beginning I thought it would be easiest to not make a commotion and just accept.


However, a few days later, after a paying customer had left, I came to my senses. It would have to stop. I couldn’t move to another place, cause I had no money at all, but I was determined to remove my status as the lowest paid whore of the country.

I went to the city hall and asked to change my profession. “What is your current profession?” the guy asked. I was quite uncomfortable with that question, as other people, waiting in line, were listening. “Well …” I said “I’m a whore”.

“Ok” the guy said. He asked me why I wanted to change my profession. I was baffled by the question. “Well, I just don’t want to be a whore anymore” I said. People laughed at our conversation. “Well, that’s not a valid reason” I said, “With all the unemployment we have right now, we can’t have people changed profession just because they don’t like their current job. It’s a different matter if you’re unable to do the job, of course” the guy explained.

“That’s it, then” I said. “I can’t do the job any more!” I desperately wanted his approval, to get out of this once and for all, and was being very compliant. I said a whole lot of yes sir and no sir in the following conversation, until he asked me to sit on the couch behind the counter. He said something to a guy. I couldn’t make out what it was, but the guy went straight towards me, yanked my panties off and started fucking me.


I could understand this was with the approval of the guy at the counter, but for the life of me, I couldn’t figure out what the point of this was. I didn’t want to make a commotion, but hoped that the guy at any time would say that now my request for changing my profession was complete. That was all I focused on and would endure a lot to get there.

The guy came on my clothes, quite rude, then another guy took his place! “Hey!” I yelled, kinda loud and the guy at the counter turned around. “Yes, I’ll be there in a minute” he said, and continued talking to his current customer. I noticed there was now two lines. One to get to the counter and one to get to me.

A few more guy came and fucked me, while others were doing their regular business, such as filling in forms. I still didn’t understand what the point of this was, and was getting agitated now. “Hey!” I yelled, even louder, getting everyone, including the guy at the counter, to look at me. “Why are these guys fucking me!?” I asked.

The guy at the counter kind of smiled at the question. It’s not a question commonly heard. The guy finally explained it to me, though. “You have to prove that you are unable of being a whore, to change your profession” he said and elaborated “you’re not doing too well with that, right now” he said, hinting at the guys who’d fucked me and the guys standing in line to be next. I guess he was right. I was a quite good whore.

The model is Camryn Kiss

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