No Job Description

“How have you been doing?” Mark asked to Vince. “Not too bad – wow that’s a quite nice apartment you have here!” he responded-

Mark and Vince had not seen each other since primary school and was just catching up after having randomly bumped into each other in a nearby mall.


“Yeah, I am doing alright now, I am a chartered accountant and it pays quite well”.

“Nice, well I am a contract lawyer, not much money in that, but good to hear you’re doing well, Mark”

Marks maid entered with two cups of coffee.


“Oh, you’re so lucky, Mark, that you can afford a maid, it must make things so much easier for you here” Vince said.

“Yes, it is truly a blessing I have Marie here”

“Maria” the maid corrected him.

“Yeah, Maria, that’s what I said” Mark claimed, although everyone else in the room did not buy that.

“So you do the laundry as well?” Vince asked to Maria, but Mark answered “Yes she does, she is a full time maid and does anything needed of her.”


“Oh” Vince said “So if she does anything, could you in principle ask her for a blowjob?” Vince asked.

Maria and Mark were shocked about the mere question. “I don’t think that is in the job description” Mark said and Maria agreed.

Vince thought to himself “OK – so what is in the job description?”

Mark knew the answer. “There is actually no job description, just full time employment and must work on any task assigned”.

“So then surely if you wanted to, you could assign a task of a blowjob” Vince said. “I guess” Mark said.

Then Maria started leaving. “One blowjob, please” Mark then said and was waiting for Marias reaction. “Or you will be in breach of your contract” Vince said. Mark pulled his pants down and Maria waited an awkwardly long amount of time, doing nothing.

Eventually she got down on her knees and started giving the blowjob.


“So would you be able to tell her to do not only your laundy, but also the laundry of your guests?” Vince asked.

“Also my guests” Mark said, just speaking briefly, concentrating on his blowjob.

“So that means I could get in on that blowjob deal as well” Vince said and before asking for confirmation from Mark, he got up and now Maria had two cocks to manage.


With both guys rock hard, they started getting better ideas.

“There is really no need to stop here” Vince said “I have a few other tasks for you – get naked and get on Marks cock”.

She looked up at Mark for confirmation, he was her boss after all, and he nodded.

She had to indulge in this crazy moment in order to not breach her contract and she slid down on Marks hard cock. She admitted to herself she had thought about that cock before and it felt very good in her pussy.


She bounced up and down on him and Vince could tell that at this speed, Mark would cum soon.

“Not yet, Mark, wait” Vince said an explained his plan. “So move to her ass, it will be worth it!” he said.

Mark carefully moved his cock to Marias ass, leaving her pussy wide open. Vince then shoved his cock in her pussy with Marks cock still in there and they started slowly fucking her both at the same time in her ass and pussy.


After a while they got the hang of it and got Maria moving smoothly up and down, fucking her good. They were coordinating their movements, almost like a dance.

“I’m getting there again” Mark said

“Hang on” Vince said and fucked Maria harder, trying to catch up. “I can’t” Mark said and started cumming in her ass. Before his cock was soft, Vince had also cum in her pussy.


“Wow, that was fun” Vince said “You got a great deal here”.

“Yeah guys” Maria said “This was a one-time deal, I think we need to renegotiate our contract”.

“That sounds fair” Mark said “Let’s renegotiate in two weeks. I have that party on Friday, remember?”

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