No nudity

“I just have one rule: No nudity!” I had said to the broker on the phone. He sent me the contract and it said very clearly in it: No nudity.

I always made sure to get that in the contract, because I knew that although modeling pictures was a good business for both me and the broker and the photographer, they could get a little more if they could get nudity in the shot.

Like here, they are putting me in some skimpy clothing and then they ask me to change into something else. If I am not careful, they will snap pictures while I am changing and that is when they will take a picture.


This time was a little different. Well, first let me tell you how the dressing rooms work. They use the clothes just this once so they rent it and it has to be almost as new when they give it back. So when I go to the dressing room, I do not put my clothes on the ground, I hand it out over the curtain and then I get the pack with the next set of clothes.

That leaves me naked in the changing room for a while – and that’s fine, because I have the next set of clothing. Except, in this case, the next set of clothing was not really what I meant, when I said “no nudity”.


I complained a bit. “This is too revealing, it’s not really covering my bottom at all” I said.

“That’s not true” the photographer said “it’s covering some of your bottom, just not the back or the front. But the sides are covered, right?”

“Yes” I nodded.

“So you are not nude, right?”

“No, not nude, but …”

“OK, good” said the photographer “Now turn around”.


I had to agree with him from a logical point of view, although from a view of good faith I think he was not really doing his best to follow the spirit of what I meant.

“Lie on the couch – and smile!” he ordered me. I was still going to be a professional, even if he wasn’t. I had a job to do, after all.


“I think we need some help for this next sequence” he said “can you call Rodriguez and Joe?” he said to his assistant.y”

He instructed Joe to start fondling my pussy. “Whoa” I just said. The photographer asked my agent, who was also present, whether there was anything in my contract about sexual positions. My agent paged through the contract and then shook his head no.

“Sorry, no, this is what you signed, honey” he said.

As Joe started fondling me, I thought to myself I should consider getting a new agent.


They tried to get me to suck their cocks, but I refused. I knew there was nothing in my contract about sucking anyones cocks. However, I guess the photographer and my agent was right, that there was nothing about what I would specifically do, but there was also nothing about what others would do to me.

So with that, Rod got under me and guided his cock to me pussy, Joe went on top and guided his cock into my ass. And just like that, I had become a porn model. I wouldn’t call it involuntarily, because this was all in accordance with the contract I signed. But I would say that this was not the plan I had coming in here today.


After about 10 minutes of taking all sorts of pictures, both Rod and Joe starting cumming in me. They kept their promise and didn’t get me naked, although the dress, if you can call it that, did ride down and reveal my boobs from time to time.

I noticed when we left that my agent could a brown envelope with cash. I asked about it, and he said that was his finders fee and nothing to do with me.

That’s it, I’m going to get a new agent, as soon as my contract with him is over in 18 months!

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