Non verbal agreement

I was nervous about going to the massage parlour. I always fear that the massage therapists think that I expect some kind of sexual action to happen. You know, I’m naked and they’re touching me everywhere, so there is potential for some misunderstandings.


I’m not a shy person and does not as such have any problem with being naked in the presence of some professional massage therapists, but it’s actually no coincidence that there are three massage therapists with me.

You see, I specifically asked for that and paid a little extra. I am in a strange way more comfortable with that. If it’s just one therapist, it’s a bit more intimate I think. One on one. When you’re in there alone with a therapist, no one really knows what you’re doing. So with three, there is a kind of safety there.

I liked the treatment. They were massaging my shoulders, my legs, and then suddenly – one girl casually reached for me penis under the towl and rubbed it.


It is of course a full body massage, but I did certainly not expect to be rubbed there and was surprised about it. The girl noticed I was surprised. “Oh, are you not comfortable with that?” she asked professionally.

“No problem” I said. As I said, I’m not shy and if they’re not embarrassed about it, why should I be. There was one problem though. As they touched me all over, including my penis every now and then, I quite quickly sported an erection.

The towel got removed after a while, which exposed my erection. Now, my upper thigh, my balls and my penis was being massaged at the same time.


This intense focus on my cock stopped after a minute. Just like they some times all massaged my arm, had they done so with my penis for a while. They were all being quite natural and professional about it – it seemed like it was a very natural thing to do.

While my chest and my arm was getting massaged, one girl was massaging my thighs and would once in a while rub my cock and my balls a little bit, just like she did with everything else in that region. At one point, however, she massaged my cock up and down and I could suddenly feel an orgasm rush through my body. I had cum!


“Oh, that’s ok” the girl said “that happens some times”. I bet it does, with that treatment. It had felt great, but this was really not what I had asked for. I don’t know why they had wanted to give me that special attention, but I was not exactly complaining. They wiped it off and at some point shortly thereafter looked at the time and said “finished”.

I got dressed and when I got out to the reception to pay, the receptionist handed me the bill and he said “That’ll be $250”. The price list said $200. “The girls said you wanted to give a $50 tip. Is that inaccurate?”. I looked around and saw other customers waiting and they could easily hear the conversation. I didn’t really want to discuss this in public. I ended up simply saying “Yes, that is correct. Thankyou”.

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