Not convicted

“I’m telling you, I didn’t do it”. I kept saying it to the officers who had grabbed me in my home and accused me of being a participant in a burglary last night around midnight.


They sat me down and started interrogating me.

“Yes that’s me on that picture, but I’m innocent.”


Most of the officers were quiet. One of them was doing all the talking. “You were seen on the scene of the crime at that time, we have a witness, so there is no reason for you to deny it.

Witnesses. If only they knew. I have witnesses. Four of them in fact. But I didn’t want to have to tell them about those witnesses – I’m completely innocent.

“If you do not cooperate, we have to take you into custody” the officer said. “Search her, please”.

They unlocked my handcuffs first.


Then they lifted my skirt to see if I was hiding anything in my panties.


As they were lifting my skirt, I was getting flashbacks from last night. That sure had been a night to remember, but I had definitely not taken part in any burglary.

“What is it that you think I did?” I asked

“You were seen working as a lookout for a burglary team that have been working in the neighborhood where you live for some time”.

It was completely untrue, but I couldn’t tell them how I could prove that.

They continued to strip search me.


“What is that chain?” one guy said and pointed to my chain around my stomach.

“It’s just jewelry” I responded truthfully.

“It sure looks like a weapon to me.” the officer said, “we might have to make the search even more thorough”

I didn’t they needed to take off my panties as well to strip search me – wasn’t it obvious I was not hiding any weapon there? Well, they took off my panties anyway.

“You will surely get convicted” the officer said as he pulled my panties off. “We have a witness”


This was getting serious. Were they really going to convict me? I decided I had to tell them the truth about my own 4 witnesses. “Actually, I have 4 witnesses that can tell you that I was with them at midnight”.

“Oh really? Who?” the officer asked sceptically.

“You know the Johnson brothers? I was with them all night.”

“Hah” one of the other officers said. “All night? And what were you doing with the Johnson brothers all night?”

“You know …” I said and didn’t elaborate. The officer filled in the blanks. “So you are saying that you were being gang banged by the Johnson brothers all night?”

“Yes” I admitted, although I wouldn’t have put it like that. I was relieved, however, that the truth was finally out so I would not get convicted.

“I don’t believe that for a second” the officer said, to my horror “a little girl like you with 4 black brothers all night – you wouldn’t be able to handle that. It’s completely unbelievable – those witnesses are worthless. You will still get convicted.”

I was terrified. Convicted? Worthless witnesses? I decided that I was going to prove to them that my witnesses were believable – that I could handle it. I quickly and skillfully opened the officers pants and soon after the other officers took off their pants as well. As it turned out, they were very much keen on letting me prove it.


As I was getting fucked, I sucked a dick and grabbed another one with my hand.

He turned me around, then rammed his cock up my ass. I didn’t complain – I was not going to prove them right, that I couldn’t handle 4 black dudes.


They went further than the Johnson brothers had. One guy went underneath me and they started double penetrating me. Not gently. Violently.


All at once, they pulled out and wanked until they came in my face and on my breasts. I was happy to feel the tingling sensation of cum everywhere, because it meant I had proven my point. I had succeeded. And also, I was done with this.


“So you believe my witnesses now? I will not get convicted”

The officer and his collegues put his clothes back on and replied. “I don’t know, the police does not have anything to do with that. That’s up the judge and of course the 12 members of the jury. You’ll have to convince them.”

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  1. Oh to take a dip in that jury pool – twelve horny men, keenly assessing how convincing she comes across, as well as how much they all get to cum across her…

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