Nude sun bathing

I like to go sun bathing in the nude at our pool. There is mostly no other people there, although my husband some times has people over – but that’s just fun when they see me sun bathing in the nude.


Usually I first go down to the pool and then I strip off my bikini. I love the freedom of walking around nude in the fresh open air and it just feels great.

After enjoying the fresh air, I will usually lie down and just relax – perhaps get a bit of shut-eye.


I might some times have an apple and feel very much in touch with nature when I do that. I pretend that I’m Eve and I sometimes catch myself thinking of Adam, getting a little wet.

After the sun has heated my body, I want to get it cooled down a bit again by getting in the pool.


The cool water feels great on my body and I love the way the water touches every little bit of my body when I swim it without any swimsuit.

After heating my body in the sun, I get in the pool to cool off – and then I get right back in the sun chair to get heated up again – I can go on like that 4 or 5 times in a random lazy Sunday.

However, on this specific day, something very surprising happened when I sat down in my sun chair. Someone was already sitting there!!


Some dude had been sitting in the sun chair waiting for me to get back. Not only was he not wearing any underpants, but he had a huge boner and the way I sat down on him was perfect for him to quickly stuff his cock into my pussy.

I tried to get up, but he pulled me down. Each time I got up a little, he pulled me right back down.


I realized I in effect was helping him to fuck me and stopped trying to get off – then he had to move me up and down on his cock with his hands.

Before I realized this was not really a big problem for him, I was already in trance from his wonderful large cock in my wet pussy.

A black Adam had answered my dreams!

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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed the articles about Charmed and, as the producers must have been, (any red blooded and maybe a lil pervy man would be as well) I am hungry for more. Can I sign up to be emailed any updates to this fascinating look behind the curtain, possibily even have the entire story sent to me via email? I’d be more than happy to sign an agreement not to publish anything if needs be. I just have to know more!!! I am a huge fan of the series, and will always be… This just makea it all so much better!!! Thank you for making this old fan’s month!!!
    James C

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