October Fest

October Fest is the day to rack in as many tips, as you can. It’s the yearly event where people have a lot of beers and celebrate in different traditional ways.

My best friend and I worked at Henry’s Place Bar and Grill and we were planning a big trip in December to celebrate our graduation.

Tonight we were really banking on racking up the rest of our hotel money for the trip and was pretty much willing to do anything to make sure we got it.


One of the ways to celebrate is by the waitresses wearing the traditional garbs of the south German region of Bayern.

We went with something short and made sure our boobs were perky and that our skirts were short. Tonight we were going to make that money!

People were buying drinks like crazy and the tips were rolling in slowly at first but it picked up.

As the night went on we had a few drunk guys offer us $20 each to flash our boobs, we looked at each other smiled and went for it.

They loved it and we made an easy $40 each.


After the boob flash, we got a few more request. More boob flashing, watching us kiss, and then the request we didn’t expect.

Almost everyone was gone and my best friend and I were closing tonight. One of the guys that gave us $20 for some boob flashing came up and asked, “how much to fuck?”

We looked at each other, not knowing what to say, stumbling over our words, and he cut us off and said, ” how about $300 each.

We were flattered, and since everyone had left and we were closing, this would be the perfect spot.

We thought about it then said ok in unison. He paid us first, and then went on to pull out our boobs.

“You don’t waste time huh,” I said, amazed at how fast he popped both of our boobs out.


He groped our boobs and then sucked them for what seemed like an eternity.

He bent my best friend over on a chair slapped her ass a few times and rammed his cock into her pussy. I was getting turned on just at the sight of watching them.

I went in front of my best friend played with her nipples and rubbed our nipples against each one another, she was moaning so loud from the nipple action and dick action at the same time.

I sucked on her boobs and we kissed for a while and he continued fucking her and watching us at the same time.


He switched us and put me in the chair facing him. I slid my wet pussy right on his dick and as soon as he entered me I yelled out in pleasure.

I slid my pussy up and down on his cock, and my pussy got wetter with each pump.

My best friend was behind me playing with her nipples and started to play with mines. She slipped her hand into her pussy and played with it, while she watched him fuck me.

He fucked me really good for about 10 minutes until, I creamed all over his dick, then he moved back to my best friend, and he came all inside her while she came at the same time.


It was very hot and for the price he had just spent, I must say he got his monies worth.

By the end of the night, we had made beyond our goal, and we got a good fuck out of it as well.

Graduation trip here we come!

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