Off season vacation

It was when I saw her lying there on the edge of the pool, that I just knew that I had to have her.


She was fit, tanned and perfect, just lying there, minding her own business.

I dived into the pool. Partly because I wanted to, and partly because I wanted to get her attention. “Come on in – can’t you swim?” I yelled to her. She didn’t really answer. I asked again “Really, you can’t swim, come on, let me teach you”. I pulled her in and she laughed.

I carried her around in the pool for a while, pretending to teach her how to swim. She thought it was a lot of fun, but finally asked me to put her back. “Ok, that’s enough funny guy. Let me get out again.”

As I helped her up, she was suddenly naked.


Yea, I did that. What she didn’t notice while I was carrying her around, was that at the same time, I was untying her swimsuit.

When she on to the edge, she noticed.

“Hey, Mr. what are you doing? That’s not funny”.


Of course it was. “I beg to differ, this is a lot of fun.”

She was a bit mad. She didn’t want me to get the satisfaction of her chasing me around, so she just lied down at the edge of the pool again, this time of course undressed.


She was quite cool for doing so, but it’s also notable that we were the only people around at this vacation spot off season. In fact, I hadn’t seen anyone else at the pool all day.

She should be able to figure out that I would not feel very much punished by this behaviour. In fact, I was very patient.

After ten minutes she got impatient. “Ok, it’s time to give me back my clothes, I gotta go now.”

I wasn’t going to give in that easy. “Hmm … I’ll tell you a riddle, and if you guess it, I’ll give you back your clothes – otherwise I won’t”.

She was about to say yes, when she thought about it for a moment. “How can I be sure that there’s a solution for the riddle? You must promise to show me the solution, if I don’t guess it”.

I promised her.

“What is round and brown, and gets wet when something’s added to it”. Of course it was a silly reference to her ass and my dick, but she didn’t know that.

“Hmm …” She thought about it … she was still lying with her back to me, so she wasn’t actually looking at me. “I don’t know that”

As she said, I grabbed her ass, and thrusted my dick into her pussy – just as I had promised, I showed the solution to her.


“Ahhhhh” She screamed. “What are you doing!?”

I continued fucking her. “I am showing you. Your ass is brown and round and I am adding my dick to it … and now it’s beginning to get wetter!”

“Stop it, stop it” she said. Each time i responded “I will, I will – just as soon as I’m finished.”. At the last moment, I pulled it out and came over her and let her go.


“Why did you do that?” She asked. “I promised you, didn’t I. Be fair – you actually asked for it”.

She knew I was right, even if that wasn’t what she meant.

“Ok, I guess. Now are you going to give me my swimsuit back?”

I shook my head. “Of course I’m not, you didn’t guess the riddle, did you?”

Pictures provided by Mike in Brazil

4 thoughts on “Off season vacation”

  1. With those great tits and hot body, it wouold indeed be tempting to steal her bikini and then solve the riddle of how to get your cock into her…

  2. And a girl that hot should most certainly not be given her bikini back, especially when so many people could have a chance to see her covered in cum!

  3. Well, after he stole her bikini, what did she expect when she lay on her front to try to hide that pussy? He’d already seen her cunt and those tits, and that position gives such a great view of that amazing ass, well, of course he would need to ‘solve the riddle’ of how to fuck her!

  4. This is my favorite story here, for a few reasons. One, the girl is so very hot, great ass, great tits. Two, stripping her naked so she doesn’t even realise until it is done…and in a public place too! Three, the surprise penetration from behind, and the response to her saying to stop it ie. “I will, I will – just as soon as I’m finished.” Four, cumming on her, and leaving her naked and drenched, so that I can imagine her afterward, unable to cover herself. Plus the riddle-trick was cute. The story was funny, horny, naughty, hot.

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