Office Spelling Bee

The new secretary had bragged at lunch that she never makes spelling mistakes. Then she was tasked with writing a summary of a meeting between the managers and she continued bragging, saying that even though she was working under pressure when she wrote it, there was no spelling mistakes.


Even though I hadn’t seen the summary she wrote, I was willing to gamble there was at least one spelling mistake in the two pages of text.

“Yeah, OK, maybe there is 1 error somewhere, but that’s it!” she said. “Care to make it interesting?” I asked – I read the summary and if I find more than 1 error you lose a piece of clothing.

“No way!” she said “Perv”.

“Why?” I said “I don’t expect you to lose any clothing, even if you have one mistake, you won’t lose any clothes – do you think you have more than one mistake?” I asked and challenged her.

“No – in fact, I am sure I have 0 mistakes. OK, hang on, I’ll email it to you”.

I started reading and was delighted to see the first mistake. “Here is something” I said “Receive – you spelled it R-E-C-I-E-V-E”

“What?” she said “That’s how it’s spelled!”. After looking it up she agreed it was a mistake, but said this was the one mistake I would find in there. I wouldn’t find more.

As I read on, she waited with great tension to see if I found anything else.

“Aha!” I said and looked up and she was startled. “Just kidding” I said and continued. “Aha!” I then said again. “Stop it!” she said. “No, I really have one here … A-P-P-A-R-A-N-T-L-Y” I spelled it out. Looking up and seeing she didn’t catch the error still. “Apparently” is spelled with an E and not an A.

She tried to laught it off but I decided to be a stickler about the rules. “We had an agreement” I said with a strict demeanor “Or agreemant, as you would say it” I teased her. “Just shut up” she said and dropped her blouse, under which she was just wearing a bra.


Slightly see-through, revealing her aereol… nipples.

“And … there is another one!” I said

“No, you’re kidding me!” she said, in disbelief.

“Oh no, here it is – noticeable – you spelled it N-O-T-I-C-A-B-L-E”

She wasn’t getting it. “That’s how you spell it!” she insisted and even looked it up on Google. “See, all these people spell it like that too!” she sat, knowing she was on thin ice.

“Sure, but we go by the dictionary, right? And it’s not in there!” I said “Lighten up, it’s a common mistake.”

She dropped her skirt and presumably because she was shy, she turned away a little. I didn’t mind.


“OK, you got me. Three mistakes, but I did have to rush it” she excused herself. “That’s it, right?”

“I think so” I said while I continued reading.

She was just about to put her clothes back on, when I saw something. “Hang on!” I said and looked something up on my computer. “Yes, I wasn’t sure, but there it is – C-A-L-E-N-D-E-R – that should have been an A in the end.”

She hesitated and clearly felt droppoing her bra in office was going too far. “OK, that’s it then” she said “I can’t lose any more clothes or I will be naked, so I guess you won. Good game”

“Uhm, you still have two pieces of clothing left” I said “Be a good sport, now”. She shook her head but then convinced herself and dropped her bra. She held her hands over her breasts but I enjoyed the view all the same, not least because she forgot about her sheer underwear.


“C” I said and looked up and smiled.

“No, stop, there is no more.” she said


“No, stop it” she said again

“N” … “C-I-O-U-S”.

“But … it is I-O-U-S, I am sure of it!”

“Yes, but you forgot an S before C – conscious!”

“Whatever, jerk! I hope you’re happy with putting me down like that!” she said and dropped her panties.


“OK, you had your fun” she said and was about to put her clothes back on.

“But what if I can find more mistakes?” I asked. “Well, even if you do, I do not have any more clothes, so suit yourself”.

“I’m surprised” I said.

“Why, did you think I made a lot of mistakes?”

“No, I’m surprised that you do not mind the security cameras” I explained.

She gasped and looked up at a security pointing right at her. “I could remove the video from tonight, but I might get in trouble – I didn’t really do anything wrong here”

“Neither did I!” she said.

“Oh, no, of course not. Fine, good. OK, bye bye, have a good night!” I said.

“No wait – can you delete that video, though?”

“Hmm” I said, pondering, “Maybe if you could … ‘implicate’ me somehow. That would motivate me properly.

She knew where I was going with that and as I undressed she sat up on the table and I went straight for the pussy. It was already dripping wet, apparently it had turned her on so much to strip in the office in front of me.


I am not going to lie – I came almost immediately, but it was totally worth it.


I went straight to the security site and remove the footage from tonight – not before I downloaded a copy for myself, of course, something to look at. And maybe I’d find some other use for it some day.

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