On the cruise ship

I was downstairs during the daytime in the cruise ship just walking the hallways. Everyone else was on top of the ship in the sun, of course, or some were in the bar, but then I heard a sound and I peeked in through the door and saw a young girl taking selfies in her cabin.


She took a lot of different sexually charged selfies.


At one point she took her shorts off and then my hardon was becoming too painful to keep in my pants and I decided to take my cock out and stroke it a bit while watching her.

Big mistake.

As I zipped down, she heard me and saw me standing in the door with my cock in my hand.


Instead of shutting the door or running away, she did a much more aggressive move. She grabbed my cock and pushed me away.

“What do you think you are doing, you pervert!” she said.


“Oww” I said, exaggerating the pain. However, only slightly, it really did hurt quite a lot as she yanked my cock. She had me by the balls … well, by the penis.

“Oww!” I said again.

“Oh no, sorry!” she said and really meant it. “Oh no, did it really hurt? I didn’t mean to hurt you!” she said.

“Can you forgive me” she asked.

“Well” I said “if you let me take a few pictures of my own for later, then I’d be happy to forgive you. She nodded in all seriousness. “OK, yes, you can take some pictures”.

I took my phone out and took one or two, then asked “without the shirt?”. She nodded.


I took a few more pictures, then tried my luck “And the panties?”

“Well, I guess I did hurt you pretty bad” she said and pulled her panties off. “Is that better?”

I snapped some more pictures, quickly before she changed her mind. I had been a peeping pervert but somehow got the moral highground.


After a few more pictures I said “Oww” again. “What” she said with concern.

“My penis is very hard now, it needs release” I explained. She shrugged her shoulders saying “But what can I do?”

“Well actually you don’t have to do much except lie down on the bed” I said “just right there, it would really help me”.

She nodded, still concerned for my pain and lied down. I went on top of her and with some spit, was able to push my penis into her.


I was fucking her tight pussy with such pleasure. “Doing better?” she asked.

“Uhmm no, not yet, hang on, oww oww” I said and continued.


In the heat of the moment, I managed to figure I should show her the courtesy of not cumming in her, and instead I pulled out at the last moment and came on her mouth and chest.

I snapped one last picture for the memory and started heading out.


Then, as I looked at the picture and looked back up at her, I couldn’t help but ask. “Uhm, how old are you?”.

“22, why?” she asked.

“Oh nothing, it’s just … those glasses … never mind …”

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