My wife had the worst timing. She brought a friend over to the house just today.

Me and my wife are trying to have a baby and we are on a strict schedule set by our doctor. So according to the schedule, we have to have sex at least twice today.

And here is my wife (left) with her friend (right) visiting today.

“Darling, I hope you don’t mind that Tara will spend the day with me and stay overnight. We have a lot of gossip to catch up on” my wife said.

“I don’t mind as such, but …”

Tara interrupted me. “Don’t worry, I heard about your project. You just do what you gotta do”.

Then they both left for the living room and started gossiping. Then my alarm went off. It’s time.

I found them deep in conversation about one of their common friends and I didn’t want to interrupt, but I also couldn’t wait or the timing would be less than optimal.

So I had to do what had to be done.

I lifted her leg slightly and she parted it willingly. Then I was able to push my penis in.

As the doctor had prescribed, I had taken a rest from sex for a few days and so I was rock hard. I fucked her for maybe 4 or 5 minutes while they continued chatting and then came in her.

“Can you get me a glass of water, darling?” she asked me. I nodded. “Anything for you?” I asked Tara and she nodded. “Sure, some white wine if you have”.

I left and came back with their drinks.

“So are you going to skip the gym today?” I wondered

“Nah, we will go – we can talk while we are working out”.

“OK” I said “But remember we have to go again in 5 hours”.

5 hours later in the gym, the girls were working out while I had my mission to complete. I want up behind my wife and started fondling her boobs.

“Hmm, I am not getting hard – too much going on” I said. “Can you take a break”.

“Oh no” my wife said “I cannot interrupt my workout. If I skip today, then I might as well skip any other day. No I have to stay with it”.

“I can give you a hand – if you don’t mind?” Tara said, asking my wife for permission.

“Wow, that is so kind of you” my wife said.

I wasn’t sure what she had in mind but I went up to her and she put her hand in my pants and pulled my cock out and was stroking it until it got hard.

“That worked” I said.

I went back to me wife and now I was able to penetrate her.

“I owe you one” my wife said to Tara.

After I was done, I went up to take a nap.

In the evening I went to find them for the third and optional round. Not everyone can do it, but I try my best.

“OK, shall we try?”

“We are watching TV, though” my wife said.

“Need a little help again?” Tara said, pointing to my less than hard cock.

“Sure” my wife said. I sat in the couch as instructed by Tara and then she started giving me a lap dance while they were still watching TV.

To my big surprise, Tara was not wearing any underwear and my cock was starting to crawl into her vagina!

“OK, I think he is ready!” Tara said while I was now fucking her. “Oh wow” said my wife as she saw it. “Sure looks that way. Don’t cum!” she said to me.

With that I went to me wife and started fucking her. I was even able to watch some TV at the same time. But not too much because I had to stay concentrated on fucking her and staying hard.

I couldn’t finish as quickly as before but I tried my best and went as fast as I could.

“Oh, there it is!” my wife then said “Good boy”. She could feel my cum spraying in her.

“Wow Tara, you are really having a positive influence on my husband!”

They both giggled and continued watching television while I went to have some burgers.

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