Paying for tuition 1/4

I’m a history student living by myself. My parents never got a decent education and they regretted it all their life. That’s why I chose to make sure I would get one. I have always been interested in history and I knew there would be good chances of getting a teaching job after I’m done.

It’s going pretty well, so far, I’m getting good grades, mainly because I am able to focus on my studies. I’m only just through my first semester, but so far I have been able to finance my studies with the savings I had and recently, some erotic photo shoots.


This is the second photo shoot I’ve done. The first one was just me in a bikini. I was amazed at the decent pay I got for it – I would be able to pay for my tuition with just a weekly photo shoot.

At this second photo shoot, there was some nudity involved. It was OK, quite tasteful, in fact. I was OK with doing some nudity, as long as it was tasteful. Nudity is generally quite accepted in society today. I mean, celebrities are nude in movies and it’s considered artistic.


The nudity was tasteful. Well, not always equally tasteful, but pretty nice, anyhow. This way I would be able to keep my pay every week and most importantly, I would be able to work just one day per week with this, giving me enough time to complete my studies.

Meanwhile, my studies were going pretty good. My financial situation was OK, I was pretty limited in what I could spend, but I had enough to pay the rent, have dinner out once in a while and of course, the books for university.

Life was good, but my studies started to go badly. I had a new room mate. I was one renter of an apartment with three rooms, two strangers living in the two other rooms. At the semester change, a new guy moved in and he was listening to music late at night. I didn’t sleep well, and I started dreaming of having my own apartment, so I could sleep well and focus more on my studies…

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