Paying for tuition 4/4

“I’m seriously getting all that money?” I asked.


I had come back to the studio, although I had not at all been satisfied with how I had been treated. He had offered me more or less a full time job, which would give a decent pay, enough to support my apartment …

…and now he offered me to go to an audition. And if I got the geek, I would receive the money on the table in front of me. A considerable amount.

I agreed to go to the audition. The amount was big and I had to go see what it was all about. When I arrived, a group of men were waiting for me and soon undressed me.


This audition seemed to be pretty much centered around me. I had already sucked off a group of men at a bachelor party yesterday and now I was gonna take the next step at this audition?

Looking at it logically, I almost backed out. What had I become, some sort of gang bang slut? I kept that train of thought and concluded – yes, I am. I had already been taped at the bachelor party and I would not be able to get any other job in this local area.

I decided to go along with it. The path of my career had been chosen for me. I could no longer get any other job and I would HAVE to get a good job in order to keep my apartment. It was with this in my mind, I felt a cock moving inside me, while another nudged my lips, so I could lick it …


Well, it was not that bad really. I was getting really good at this and I was sure I was gonna do well at this audition. I had not been told exactly what I was auditioning for, but I figured it pretty much couldn’t be any more extreme than this.

I worked them all good, made sure they would be happy and put on a great show, bouncing up and down, while holding a cock in each hand.


After they had all cum in me – yes, not something I usually let strangers do – the audition was over. I took a shower and when I came back out, the guy from my studio was waiting for me.

“Congratulations!” he said “your audition went perfect, you got the job – here is the envelope with the money you will get once you complete the geek.” He opened the envelope slightly and I could see all the money in there. This would make a difference for me – I would be able to keep my apartment, keep studying and eventually get a decent teachers’ job in a different part of the country.

“So what’s the geek?” I asked. “Yea, well, it’s a really great geek. You’ll be working at a farm outside the city a couple of weeks at a time. You’ll be working on your back just a couple of hours per day. And when the two weeks are over, you will get your money!”

Whoa, not what I had in mind. The money was good – but considering it was for two weeks of work, it was not really that great. On the other hand, I could release my apartment, work ‘on my back’, as he called it, a few hours per day and then study the rest of the time. Maybe this would actually work out for me!

When I arrived, however, I learnt that working on my back for two hours per day was true enough, but he forgot to mention that I had to work doggy style the rest of the time. Didn’t get that much reading done …

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