Playing “Operation”

I had been invited to play “Operation” by some guys from my school. I didn’t usually go to play with guys, but since I moved from home for college, my parents no longer was there to tell me I couldn’t go. All they told me was to play nice and to follow the rules.

When I got to their place, I got to go first. They told me they’d tell me the rules along the way. I tried putting the thingy at the heart and it gave out a “bleep”. Probably not a good sign.


“You lost the first round” Jerry said. He was the tallest of the guys and also the guy who had invited me to the game.

“Oh no!” I said. “But it’s the first time I play, don’t I get another chance?” I asked. “Sorry” Jerry said, we have to follow the rules. That’s a very important part of the game. Since you started and your name is Betty, you have to remove one piece of clothing.” he explained.

“What?” I was surprised to hear that “Does it really say that in the rules?” I asked. He showed me the rules, and true enough, “If your name starts with B and you lose the first round, you have to remove one piece of clothing”.

I was only wearing two pieces of clothing, my dress and my panties, so I removed my dress.


“That’s not fair” I said, “Even if it says so in the rules”.

“Yes it is” Jerry said and pointed to the rules. “See, if I had lost, I would have to run around the house twice, because my name starts with J. It’s all in here in the rules, you see.” He was right. “Now it’s my turn” he said.

He touched the wrist of the dude in “Operation” and no sound came. “I win the second round, I get to choose one person that should remove a piece of clothing. I choose you, Betty” he said. I immediately looked in the rules.

The winner of the second round chooses one person that must remove a piece of clothing. It was clearly in the rules. I only had one piece of clothing left, so I had to remove my panties.


“I don’t like to play this game anymore” I told them. I was getting quite uncomfortable being naked in front of all these guys. I was being a good girl by following the rules, but somehow it just didn’t feel quite right.

“You can’t quit until the game is over” Jerry said. “It’s in the rules”. He was fiddling with the rule book and then gave it to me. It said what he had said, word by word.

You can’t quit until the game is over it said and anyone may take pictures of anyone at any given time it also said.

When I looked up, one of the other guys had already taken a picture of me.

Jerry picked up the “Operation” guy and touched the heart. It said a beep. “I lost” he said “Now I also have to take my clothes off”. As he did, he was sporting a huge boner. No surprise there, I guess.

“It’s your turn again, Betty" he said and handed me the Operation guy. I touched the heart again and the “BEEP” went off. Jerry read from the rules:

The second time you lose, if your name contains the same letter next to each other, you have to let someone do something naughty to you.

“Hmm” I said “I guess you can pinch my nipple, then”.

Jerry then continued reading:

…and you don’t get to choose what that naughty thing is.

He positioned me with my legs spread and touched my pussy with his penis. Certainly naughty.


“When does this game end” I asked. I was trying to be a good girl by following the rules, just as my parents had told me, but I had a feeling it was ironically leading me to do things a good girl wouldn’t normally do.

“We have to consult the rules” Jerry said. “That is certainly naughty” I said, “Are you done?”

“This is naughtier” he said, and pushed the tip inside.


“Oh no, don’t, I’ve never had anything in there, don’t do it” I yelled.

“Ahh, that explains it. Let’s consult the rules about this” Jerry said and signalled one of the other guys to get the rule book. He seemed to be looking in the rule book or something, but I couldn’t quite make it out, because he was sitting with his back to me, leaning over the book. A minute later he handed the book to Jerry and we both read it.

If anyone is a virgin, she must throw a 6 sided die and fuck the amount of times that the number shows, each time one fuck is completed, the die is turned to show the number that is one lower.

Shit, was that really in the rules. I should have read the rule book before agreeing to play this game. “And can I quit the game now?” I asked. “Nope, only when it’s over, which it will be when you are done with the fucking”

Well, I had to lose my virginity somehow, I thought. I had heard of lots of girls losing their virginity in college, maybe they did through playing operation too. They gave me a die and I tossed it. 3. I had to fuck 3 guys. There were 4 guys here, so one would not get to fuck me.

Jerry started moving his cock further into me.


“OWWW!” I yelled. It hurt as hell. “It’ll only hurt for a minute” he said. Easy for him to say, but his words made me accept the pain as he pushed further in. What do you know, he was right. A couple of minutes later, the pain was gone. I was a little numb now, but I guess it was for the best, as Jerry was really fucking me fast now.

He came on my back stomach, the die was turned to the number 2 and another guy took his place. He turned me over on all four and fucked me.


The fourth guy, the one who was not going to take part, was taking lots of pictures. I didn’t like that one bit – I thought maybe people wouldn’t know it was part of the rules when seeing the pictures, but I guess I could explain it to them, so they wouldn’t laugh at me.

The next guy also fucked me and the die was turned to the number 1 and the third guy stuffed his cock up my pussy and fucked me. At this point, the fourth guy was not filming anymore. It seemed he was reading in the rule book. I hoped he was looking for how this game would end.

“Look what I found in the rules” he then said and showed it to me while I was being fucked.


The third guy was still fucking me while I was reading.

When the die lands on 1, it has to be tossed again.

I looked at the die. Damn! It was 1. The rule applied, I had to toss it. I tossed it and it landed on 4. Oh no, four more fucks!

“Well, does it say when the game is over” I asked the fourth guy.

“It actually does” he said and me and the three other guys held their breath in suspense about what he might say. “It says so right here.”

The game ends when the die reaches 0

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  1. Hasbro is currently promoting what they call “Family Game Night” to get families together for “great fun and memories”. Unfortunately none of their material reads like this one!

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