Pleasing my boyfriend 2/2

The next day I feel somewhat used. My boyfriend had made me get fucked by his friend – but I still love my boyfriend. He is a very good man.

I am waiting at home, when my boyfriend calls me.


My boyfriend explains that a man is coming by our apartment and that I am supposed to let him in.

Soon after, a man knocks on the door and I let him in. He is waiting in the kitchen and I make him som tea.

My phone then rings again and it’s my boyfriend.

“I want you to have sex with this man”

“What?” I can’t believe what I am hearing.

“Just do it – I’ll explain later” he says.

The man enters my room. He had seemingly been waiting for my boyfriend to call. He seems to know what to do, as he undresses and puts a condom on.

My mind is racing – I guess I will have to comply. Maybe my boyfriend is in trouble or something – he did say that he would explain later.

I let the man fuck me.


He does so without saying as much as a single word. He just starts drilling into me and starts fucking me almost mechanically. He doesn’t even moan or anything.

I think about how happy I am, all things considered, that this man is wearing a condom.


All of a sudden he stops, rolls the condom off and starts cumming in my face. I’m totally unprepared and much of the cum gets in my mouth. I try to spit it out, but I swallowed much of it.


Afterwards, he cleans his penis with a piece of cloth, gets dressed and leaves my room. 1 minute late I can hear the front door slam. He left.

My boyfriend then calls me again.

“Are you done?” he asks me.



I want to know why I had to fuck his guy. “So, you promised you’d explain …” I say.

“Oh yes – well your pussy is mine now! And while I’m not using it, I want to make sure it’s doing some good. I don’t want no lazy pussy, so it has to work all the time! That’s how I want it.”

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