Posing for the arts

Do you know the term “croquis”? It actually means “sketch” but the meaning in the arts has come to mean drawing or painting a naked woman. There’s absolutely nothing shameful about being drawn in the nude, but replace the brush with a camera and you’re just regarded a porn model. Isn’t that strange?

It’s only because standing “croquis” is considered art, that I let myself convince to come stand croquis in front of two painters on a regular afternoon. I was getting $400 dollars for it. You may think it sounds like a lot, but I would have to stay there all day, so it was totally fair.


I got the $400 in advance and thought it would appropriate to buy some nice underwear to wear. I knew croquis was supposed to be nude drawing, but I figured it wouldn’t start out like that.

I think I was mistaken because the two painters grinned a bit when I came in, then one of the guys, the one called Jimmy asked his buddy “I wonder when our CROQUIS model is coming”.

I got the message and took off my underwear, and Jimmy immediately said “Oh, there she is”.

They posed me in a very specifc position. They were not at all shy about touching me when they re-arranged me.


They both went back to their drawing boards and started sketching this posture.

I was starting to get really comfortable about this. I couldn’t believe how stupid I had been, worrying about this. Yes, I’m naked, but not in a sexual way. This is the arts – none of this is interpreted in a sexual way.

After a while I noticed that only one of the guys were still drawing, the other one was gone. Then he spoke, “Ok, time for the next pose”. He looked behind me and raised his eyebrows. When I looked back I was shocked to see the other guy was lying on the bed on his back, totally naked.

“You will both be in the next sketch” he said. I was completely shocked. “I thought I was going to pose alone” I said. “No” Jimmy replied, “For this sketch there are multiple models” he just replied.

I let him position me as he had done before and as it turned out, he wanted me to sit on top of the guy. I was beginning to get comfortable with it, thinking that this was just about being two croquis models instead of one, reminding myself that there was nothing sexual about. This was the arts.

Then I felt something that was definitely passed my limit. His cock had now gone erect and was shoved up my pussy.


“What the hell” I yelled and jumped off. “This was definitely not part of the deal!”.

“No? You are not comfortable about standing croquis?” Jimmy asked calmly. “Croquis? I’ve never heard about sex being part of croquis modelling!” I replied.

“Sex?” Jimmy half laughed. “Oh sweet baby, this is not sex. It’s the arts, remember? Do you have seconds thoughts about all of this?”

“Yes, I don’t want to be part of this!” I replied and was quite determined.

“It’s no problem” Jimmy replied, “But of course you would have to pay your $400 back and another $50 fine as noted in our agreement … “

I paused for a moment. I had already spent most of the money and definitely didn’t have the extra $50 either. I remembered how frightened I had been about being naked and then I had realized it was just for the arts. “It’s not sex?” I asked.

“No, of course not” Jimmy said , “Now, why don’ you get back up there and let’s finish this”

I did and I was just getting used to the fact that I had a cock up my pussy, without it being sex, when Jimmy started smearing some cream on my butt. He then slowly started easing his cock up my ass, the other guy still having his cock in my pussy.


I was now used to the thought that this was not sex. It was for the arts. For the arts. For the arts, I repeated as the two cocks moved around inside me.

He re-arranged my posture as he had done previously and they continued shoving their cocks inside me.


As I was turned around, I got the chance to look around the room and I then realized that with both of them engaged in the pose, there was no one to draw the sketches. “Wait a minute, aren’t you supposed to draw this?”

“Don’t worry about that” Jimmy replied. “The webcam will get everything”.

Pictures by Private Cash

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