I go to a monthly check-up at my doctor. Monthly is a bit much, you might think, but honestly I am not too smart about how all these things work and need to make sure I follow all the best things. Advice. You know, smart things to do. Whatever that is, some times the doctor tell me, like eat vegetables or other things.


It is a different kind of place to be in a doctor place. In doctors place, there are other rules. First time I was in the doctor office, he told me to take my clothes off. I had always learned not to do that, so I did not and I left immediately.

Then my very trusted friend told that it is normal in doctors office to take my clothes off. It is not so wrong or anything. Doctor is special and need some times to do things that are not normal, but it is all for my good health.

So now when the doctor ask me to take clothes off, I have no problem.


One other thing my very trusted friend told me that at the doctor it is secret. The doctor cannot tell anything about me and I should also not tell anything. It is private.

Its called doctor patient confidence, I think.

The doctor may also touch me where I should normally not be touched.


My very trusted friend told me this is normal also.

The doctor listens like he would to my heart, but he cannot hear anything. That’s normal. If he could hear something, maybe there would be something wrong with me.

“The patient is ready” my doctor said and the door opened. It was not normal that it was other people than me and the doctor, but I trust the doctor.


But these men were also nude, maybe they were patients also. And they had stiff penises.

“Are they d- doctors?” I asked my doctor.

“Yes” my doctor said and he explained that they were all doctors and they were here to help me. He told that because I was not sexually active, I was missing out on some health advantages. I did not understand but my doctor was sure. I had to be sexually active under under some controlled circumcisions, I think he said.

I did not understand why he said sexually active and just asked me to lie back and wait. It was not very active.


Each of the other doctors were standing in line and they put their penis in me. I have never had real sex before, only with my boyfriend several years ago – my boyfriend was also my physics teacher.

Now these doctors had much bigger penis and maybe because it was many years ago it was hurting a little. But it was OK. My doctor was probably right, this would be healthy for me. I just don’t understand how so many doctors can spend their time only on me.


After several rounds, each of the doctors started cumming me. They also seemed to be enjoying it, at least that is OK because they spent a lot of time with me.

When they were cumming in me my doctor gave me some pills and told me to take them every day.


In the future my doctor told me I have to come to doctors office every week on Friday evening at 6 pm. I asked it was strange why I have to come after doctor office is closed, but they tell me it is the only time they can have time to give me my special treatment with the doctors and all the other doctor friends that they have.

The next several months they continued and in all this time I was usually not very sick most of the time, so I think their treatment was working.

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