Promotional model or booth babe? Chapter 1

I’m a promotional model. I’m just getting started but my good looks, my ambition and my commitment to the job, will make me a successful one, I’m sure.

Here I am in one of the photo shoots for the promotional material that is used to advertise a trade show.


As a promotional model, my primary job is to attend trade shows. I have to memorize the business concepts of whoever I’m representing that day, so that I can talk about it to potential customers.

However, before a trade show, I also model for flyers and other material that is given to advertise the booth.

I like these pants with their low waistline. It looks very sexy on me. They wanted me to hold the pants down a little, to show the low waistline. Very sexy indeed.


They assured me that I should relax and not worry too much about whether the waistline was just above or below crotch level. If by accident I would expose anything indecent, they would of course not use those pictures.

I was not worried. I knew a product like this – selling kitchens, would have no interest in getting connected to softcore pornographic pictures.

“Show a little more cleavage” they said. The continued to say so until my breasts were actually a little bit exposed.


I guess having me show more and more cleavage until my tits are visible would allow them to choose among a picture with any degree of cleavage.

If this had not been a studio I would be very shy about showing my tits. But this felt like a professional place and my customer was very professional. Selling kitchens is a big industry and I was proud to be their face to the world.

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