Promotional model or booth babe? Chapter 2

Finally it was time for a trade show. I had been doing the promotional flyers so far and now the company was ready for the trade show.

This was a smaller trade show, showcasing only kitchens. We had set up a stall with a perfect replica of a kitchen.


I was telling prices to customers coming over and explaining how long it would go from ordering till the kitchen would be installed in their home. I had done my homework.

The other kitchens in the trade show were … better. I was a little disappointed to see that the kitchens I was representing were not really the best ones at the show. I understood why they had to have a promotional model at theirs.

“Can you show a little more cleavage?” the chief of sales asked me. “Just a little more”. He kept saying that until my nipples were showing. “Thanks” he then said.


As my nipples had been on display, several people noticed it and gave our stall added attention. I quickly covered up again, discovering what had happened.

The chief of sales received several of the customers and the two other people in the sales team helped him demonstrate the kitchen and explain the details. The little nipple slip had helped – that was clear, but I didn’t feel like it was compatible with being a serious promotional model.

Soon after, the customer’s stopped coming and the sales team was getting bored. They looked over at me. The chief of sales said “You’re supposed to attract the customer’s … you have the means to do it … so do it!” His observation was correct.

What should I do? I thought to myself, what would be the professional thing to do. I was supposed to be dedicated to whatever company that I’m representing, that is part of being a professional promotional model. Additionally, showing my nipples would not really be that hard. I had already done it, although it was an accident and it had turned out fine. I had helped the company I represented. I decided the pro’s outweighed the con’s. In fact, thinking about it rationally, I couldn’t really think of any reason why I shouldn’t do it, other than that I was shy.

Not really a good reason when you’re a model.

I decided to go for it and let me dress fall, leaving me topless and just wearing my panties.


Let me tell you this much. It worked! The booth got an overwhelmingly high level of attention.

I stayed like this for the rest of the show, another two hours. I didn’t answer many questions, as I found that people were not listening anyway, but the sales people had a lot of work to do and they seemed to be selling lots and lots of kitchens.


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