Promotional model or booth babe? Chapter 3

I was back in the studio, making promotional flyers for a company. They gave me the outfit to wear when I arrived and it was a short dress. I thought to myself that it was lucky I was wearing black panties because they matched with the black dress.


“Very good” the photographer said. “You have talent”.

This company was a bathroom supplier. They were part of the same company group for whom I had sold kitchens, but it was a separate unit. They were having trouble with sales and had heard from the kitchen unit that my services had given a lot of sales.

As before, they asked me for more cleavage until it was impossible for me to show more.


Satisfied with the cleavage, the photographer kept taking a few pictures, until he paused …

The photographer looked at a picture he had just taken. “Can we print this?” he then yelled to the production team standing behind him. One of them ran to the camera, then ran back to the printer and ran back to the camera again with the print.

The photographer brought the picture to me and showed it to me.


As he showed me the picture, I was in awe of the quality. Amazing picture. “Anything wrong?” I asked him.

“Although your panties are not visible on the picture, it interferes by showing the panty line. Well, you can’t see it too clearly here, but we are planning to make a billboard with you, and then the panty line would be visible.”

Hmm, I looked at the picture and couldn’t see the panty line. In fact, I couldn’t see the panties at all. I figured, since I couldn’t see the panties, there would be no harm in removing the panties – I guess he could see something that I couldn’t.


I instinctively turned my back to the photographer when I lowered my panties. All of a sudden I discovered that the dress was slightly shorter in the back than in the front and my butt was pretty much on display. Well, not much different than wearing a thong, I guess, but I still got a little self conscious.

I turned around with the front to the camera. I had already seen on the picture from before, that the dress neatly covered my pussy area, so I was not feeling exposed – I was slightly self conscious about being panty less but that was just an irrational emotion at this point.


The photo shoot ended soon after. The photographer seemed happy about the result and if he was happy, so was I.

I was getting used to the world of modeling. It had been professional of me to disregard the fact that it would normally be considered embarrassing to take your panties off in front of strangers. What I focused on was the end result and nothing else.

The next even was a bathroom convention where the company had a booth where I was going to represent them.

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