Promotional model or booth babe? Chapter 4

I arrived at the convention and as always, I was given an outfit to wear. It was a quite normal dress. I was told that the panty line would be visible through the dress, so it would not be a good idea to wear panties.


The dress was nice and that alone attracted many potential customers. I saw a few sales go through, but many sales didn’t. It was a beautiful bathroom, though. Very beautiful.

I tried to sell it to people, but wasn’t too successful.

“Maybe it will be better if you interact with the bathroom. Go sit by the bath tub.” the chief of sales suggested.


It didn’t really work. An hour went by and not many customers came. Not as many as had come when I was representing the kitchen company. I looked around and could see the competition was fierce. There were many other good bathrooms and some of them had promotional models too.

“Can we have a demonstration?” I heard someone ask. It was a customer talking to one of the sales people.

“We have a booth babe for that very purpose, what did you have in mind?” the sales guy responded.

“Well” said the customer “what do you do in a bathroom … take a bath of course!”.

The chief of sales had heard the conversation. “I think you should do that” he said to me “after all, demonstrating the product is what you’re here for”.

True – although I would have to undress, unless I was to take a bath in my dress. I figured that I would undress with my back to the audience and then fill the bath with water and soap, so I could hide behind the foam. I pulled the dress over my head, sat on the edge of the bath tub with the back to the audience and started opening the faucet.


Nothing happened. I opened the faucet, but no water came out. What now – I was already sitting naked and was planning to hide under the foamy water – but now there was none. I could pretend to be bathing and get in the bath tub without water.

I was contemplating that when one of the sales guys came to me and whispered “There is no water in the faucets for the tub, only the shower is connected” he said and pointed to the shower cabin.

Oh shit! Well, I couldn’t really represent the company and demonstrate how it doesn’t actually work. I had to save face, well save the company’s face and jumped in the shower.


It worked. I had saved the company, the customer made the purchase (after staring for a while). Only problem was, that the shower did not provide the cover that the foamy bath tub water would have.

Oh well, I was at least demonstrating the product, my main purpose in this job, and although I was now naked, it was not for no reason at all. It was only natural that the product was being used and I was proud to see that it attracted a LOT of customer’s … and we made a lot of sales.

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