Proving your commitment

She was being interviewed for a job, but near the end of the interview, she was told she probably wouldn’t get it. That was when she insisted on knowing exactly why.

Bill had to tell her, that they simply didn’t think she was ruthless enough to be a sales officer at the company. George nodded along. "We have a feeling you are going to hold back and stop when a sale is in your reach,"

It became a bit pathetic. She dropped to her knees and begged to get a chance to prove herself.


George shook his head, looking at Bill who was in charge.

Bill hesitated. The girl saw this and decided this was her chance to prove to them and to herself, that she has what it takes to make the sales. She will go that extra mile if necessary.

She moved fast – she went to Bill, unzipped his pants and with a "I have what it takes", she put his cock in her mouth. She didn’t expect George to unzip his own pants, but this was a critical moment. She was proving a point and wasn’t backing out now.

Only moments later, George yelled something and another dude came in and found her like that.


She took turns sucking them, giving the most attention to Bill. She tried to make them cum as quickly as possible, but didn’t succeed. They were holding back.

They lied down on their back with their pants off and looked at her with great anticipation. It was obvious what they expected of her.

She decided to follow through.


She took turns fucking each guy. They seemed to like her and were all quite happy about it. She was satisfied that her efforts were being appreciated. She was really proving that she had what it takes.

Having fucked each guy, two of the guys stood up while she fucked the last one.


They all started moaning harder at the same time. She could her that the guy she was fucking, would soon cum and intensified her efforts. She was happy to see both guys cum on her face and shoulders just moments later and less thrilled when she could feel the guy cum in her pussy. Well, what did she expect.

"I guess I have what it takes then" she said.

Bill nodded. "Yes, you sure do. We misjudged you. However, you made one mistake – don’t give the commodity to the customer before you have closed the deal."

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