Public Safety Instructions – Bath

“In this installment of the Public Safety Instructions, we will be getting safety tips on taking a bath in a hot tub”

The speaker spoke over the video as I was sitting on the ledge of the bath.


This is not my first time doing something like this. I mean, participating in a safety video. This is the first time I’m nude in front of a camera, but I have been doing a few safety videos before. For example, last week we were at a construction site and I had to wear a hard hat. It would be kind of weird if I said “No, I don’t want to wear a hard hat”. It’s part of a construction site.

In the same way, being nude is part of taking a bath, so I can fully appreciate that appropriateness.

The speaker spoke over the video again and explained the situation.

“Sitting on the ledge of a hot tub can be dangerous. Remember, it’s not a chair. If you need to sit down by your bath, bring a chair. Never sit on the ledge. There are over a 200 reported accidents per year from people sitting on the ledge to a bath.

While you get into the bath, first feel with your feet whether the water is too warm – and then you can sink yourself into the water”


As I said, I had done this before and was quite used to the format. The speaker would explain a situation that could be dangerous or accident prone and I would act it out in front of the camera. The speaker continued.

“Most people only soak in the soap or sit for a short while. For soap to work, it must be rubbed on your body for at least 2 minutes, only that way will you be cleaned from the germs.”

I rubbed the foam and soap around my body.

“Some people remember the arms, chest and legs every time and forgets other relevant areas. The area around the genitals is the most important and the most neglected.”

I rubbed soap on my pussy, but since it’s under the soap, it was not really apparent what I was doing. That’s why they instructed me to do it in a way so it could be caught by the camera.


I made sure to wash my pussy for at least 2 minutes, just as he had instructed. It had to seem real. Hell, it WAS real.

“The next segment, to which you should pay special attention, is an entire group of accidents. In itself it’s not only the most accident prone situation in a bath – but in any situation within the household. We get reports of more than 20,000 accidents from this grouping per year.”

“It occurs when there are two people in the bath”

A man sat down in the bath next to me.


I was anxious to know what they were planning for us to demonstrate.

“Being two people in the bath at the same time can be dangerous enough – even this alone, we have 500 reports per year. But some of the foreplay activities that go on in a bath are the worst. For example, if the female stands up and the male performing cunnilingus on her.”

I was waiting for him to continue to explain past this segment, but he didn’t continue. He just waited. Did he want me to stand up and the guy to lick my pussy? Really? Hesitantly I nodded askingly at the director and he nodded back. Well, I guess I can imagine this WOULD be a real safety hazard, but I had just not thought they would want this part played out. I stood up and the guy did his part.


“In this particular situation, the female will most times only balance on one leg to allow access to the male. This creates a dangerous situation, standing in a slippery tub on one leg, while the situation could also very well ruin your concentration. It is important that the female firmly plants a hand on the wall or another immovable object so that she can keep her balance. Better yet, do not perform this action in the bath at all”

I guess he is right that it would be smarter to simply not do it – I would like to not be doing this right now. But he had a point.

“Very little advice is given to the public regarding intercourse in the tub, because of some people treating it as a taboo topic. In this program, we are removing the taboo and giving you the guidelines needed for your safety. One relatively safe way to have intercourse, is by both participants sitting down. The male sitting in the tub, the female sitting on the male.”

He had a good point about removing the taboo and I guess it’s for a good cause, but after today, I was definitely gonna go through the manuscript before a shooting. I did as he had explained and sat down on the guy. To my surprise, the guy made sure he guided his penis into my pussy.


I gave a little squirm as his cock penetrated me. However, it went pretty well, since he had just given me a 2 minute lick job – my pussy had been pretty well prepared from that.

“Now it’s important the couple moves slowly and controlled. Preferably, only the female should be moving while the male should be sitting still, providing a steady and secure base for both of them.”

The speaker paused and observed my inaction.

“The female would be moving up and down” he then elaborated and waited. I started moving up and down a bit and could hear the guy enjoying it. I was enjoying it too, I guess, although I felt completely unable to control the situation.

“However, a better and safer way to perform this, is through the normal intercourse from behind – that is, what young people today call the ‘dog style’”


I laughed for a short second on the inside, from the speaker calling it ‘dog style’. We moved into position and the speaker continued.

“In this position, it should be only the male moving back and forth, while the female should be staying still. The male may hold on to either or both sides of the hips of the female to obtain a good balance”.

The guy was getting a good pace now, now that he was controlling the fucking. We went on for half a minute before the speaker spoke again.

“When the male ejaculates his semen in the female, it is important that he does not lose sight of the safety measured involved – if he removes his hands from her hips, even momentarily, one or both may have an accident.”

As he said it, I heard the guy grunt and slow down. He had cum in me – the guy saw it as his instruction to cum. He held on to me and after he was done splurting cum in me, he let go and let his now limp dick slip out.


“Well done you two, I’m sure this video will be great. The next time, you will be making a video for safe sex – seeing as that you, sir, didn’t use a condom, and you, madam, didn’t mind sitting on strangers dick without a condom, I think you two could even benefit from watching it.”

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