Rap video audition

The hopeful girls came to my residence – well, the residence I had rented for the day. It was an impressive place, especially the pool. There wasn’t much furniture inside, but that didn’t matter, since we were gonna stay outside.

Here are the three girls.


“Mind if we film this?” I asked and pointed to the guy with the video camera. All three girls shook their heads. It would be kind of weird to mind about that, since they were auditioning to be in a rap video.

I had been hired as the casting agent for a rap video and had to find 10 background girls. There were lots and lots of girls that wanted to come to the auditions. Not because of the pay, I suspect, since the pay wasn’t all that great. Probably because of the fame and for the opportunity to get near some celebrities.

“Turn your back, please”


“Very good”. None of the girls said anything, just followed my instructions.

“Bad news, girls. We can only hire one of you for the rap video. But if you all do well today, I will have other jobs for the two others” I promised. I was not lying – and I was increasing the sense of competition this way. They knew they had to win over the other two girls – and even if they didn’t, if they did well, they would still get a job. They had already come all the way out here, probably by bus, and they had accepted the semi revealing outfits. They were ready,

“Please apply this” I said to my assistant. He took the bottle of oil and guided the girls down on their knees and applied the oil. “This is the oil we will use in the rap video as well” I explained.


The girl on the right was most hesitant about the situation. I guess she noticed that her g string was a little more revealing than the others. From this angle, it was hardly covering anything.

However, none of the other girls were complaining, so she could not really complain without probably disqualifying herself.

“Would any of you mind being topless? It would be censored on the rap video of course”

No objections as such. Although especially the girl on the right was not entirely comfortable with the situation.


“You are not shy, are you?” I asked as my assistants groped their tits a bit. They were not being shy. The girl on the left was being a good sport about it.

This video was getting pretty good. So why did I just want to hire 1 of them, if my target for the rap video was 10? Very simply – I’d be able to run an audition like this at least 10 times.

“There will be simulated blowjob scenes in the background of the rap video.” These girls were amazing, I didn’t even have to say “The more realistic, the better” before the girls were sucking my assistants’ cocks.


They had started half-heartedly, but had each observed each other and tried to top each other. After less than 10 seconds, they were all sucking the cocks. By now I guess they had forgotten about the camera – or at least forgotten that we had made no specific agreement about how the footage would be used.

Now it was time for the finale. “There will be simulated sex in the background too. You know these rap videos. Well, maybe there won’t, but the director surely wants the opportunity to set up something like that.”

I got a look from the girl on the right that had been uncomfortable all along. She said “And the more realistic the better, right?” she said, kind of grumpily, like she was seeing that I was kind of taking advantage of the situation.

But at the same time, the other girls were already being fucked. Soon they were all competing each other into fucking.


The smile and laugh from the girl on the left was priceless. I was pretty sure we had found our winner by now, but no reason to stop a good audition.

“Quick, who can go to riding position first”. They all hastily switched around, sat in the low end of the pool on each their cock.


The audition went on – there was not as much dancing in this rap video audition as they probably had thought. Rather there was lots of well documented fucking.

After what had basically been a 1 hour fuck session, it was the finale. Some nice cumshots on their asses and we had a beautiful end. Literally.


“Congratulations” I said, as the cum dripped on each of them. “You are all hired. Only one can be in the rap video, that’s you on the left.”

“And what about us?” said the grumpy girl.

“You are both hired as commission based porn actresses” I told them. “You will get 5% of the income from the sale of the porn videos”. The girl replied “But I don’t want to do porn – I just wanted to be in a rap video”

“Well” I said “That’s up to you, but you are already in this porn video, so I suggest you change your career”. As it turned out, the grumpy girl didn’t accept but the other one did and we made several porn videos with her later on.

She seemed satisfied with the commission based system. It was only several months later, when she asked when she would see any money, that I felt it was relevant to reveal to her, that we don’t accept payment for people watching our porn videos.

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  1. I was just hoping to get a little work in a video, maybe meet a celebrity, and now I find that audition video is being shown all over the place! Thousands of guys are seeing me naked and that white boy groping my tits and everything that happened afterward…

  2. Wait, so you knew you weren’t going to hire me but you let that boy stick his cock in me FOR ANOTHER FORTY-FIVE MINUTES?!

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