Realizing a fantasy

I am a masseuse at an all-inclusive resort. It’s a nice little job – not too many hours and the bonus is, I get to touch a lot of hot guys.


Of course it’s exciting to massage a hot guy, but I’m a professional – I can control myself.

It’s so relaxing to be massaged, that many times, the guy falls asleep. Usually I just ignore it and finish up with the massage, but one time I thought, why not take a peek at his dick. The guy always has a towel to cover his most private parts, which had made me curious about what it would be like to just have a quick peek. This was my chance. He had fallen asleep, and no one was around.


I gently lifted the towel, and at the same time, kept an eye on the guy, making sure he didn’t wake up.

What was the towel hiding? He had a boner all this time! I’m sure that I was the cause of that boner. Perhaps he is even dreaming of me right now!


I was just about to put the towel back, but I couldn’t get myself to do it. The temptation was too big. I simply had to touch it. I didn’t get that close to a hard cock very often – at least not to me knowledge.

He was sleeping heavy, so I dared it – I touched his cock.


I just touched it with the tips of my fingers. How good it felt to touch a hard cock again. I missed that.

I lost track of time and stood there, touching his cock for a few minutes. I got very, very wet – no I didn’t fall in the pool. My pussy got wet – I was so excited now. I began to wonder, that if I was so wet, maybe his cock could easily slip right in. Maybe I could even fuck the cock, without him ever waking up.

No, what was I thinking – this was crazy. What if he woke up – what would he think … he could legally accuse me of rape!

But would that hold up in court? Who would they believe? It’s the middle of the day, he is getting a massage and would they believe that I went and raped him when he fell asleep? No, they wouldn’t believe that – It would be no risk for me.

I made a quick decision, took off my shorts and stepped up on the table.


He didn’t wake up. I arranged his cock, so I was sure it would slip right in when I sat down on it.

I slowly descended on him – I tried not to move to quickly, because I didn’t want him to wake up.

When I reached his cock, it didn’t slip in as easily as I had hoped.


I forgot that although my pussy was very wet, his dick was still almost completely dry. I tried to wiggle my pussy a little to see if it helped, but the guy seemed like he would wake up if I continued.

I wasn’t going to back out now, but maybe I had to change my strategy. I got down from the table, and put his cock in my mouth. He wouldn’t wake up from that, and his cock would be lubricated so it would slip in easier.

image image

I started out easy, but made sure the cock was all the way in my mouth – I didn’t want any dry spots. Afterwards, I went back on the table, and descended towards his cock again.

When his cock touched my pussy, I could sense that they were both very wet now. I had gotten even wetter from sucking his cock.

It slipped in and he didn’t wake up. Smooth.


I let his cock go all the way in and I silently started fucking him, faster and faster, still making sure that he didn’t wake up.

I was already excited, so after only a few seconds, I was getting very close to cumming. His cock was a great fit, the whole situation was exciting and it was so long time ago since I had fucked anyone. I stayed completely quiet, and came while fucking him. I may have said a few sounds, but not enough to wake him up.


Now I wanted to get off his cock, stop while it’s fun, but as I began to lift my pussy up from it, I came again, and had to sit down on it again.

My attempt to get off his cock had failed, but it felt so good. I finally got off his cock and back on the ground.

When I got down I saw something unexpected. I hadn’t noticed it, but he had actually come all over himself, at some point.


Exactly when I noticed this, he began to wake up. Oh no, was I busted? I thought fast, put his towel back on, and massaged into the cum, using it as massage oil. “You’re almost done now” I said as he started to regain consciousness, “I just need to finish up”. He seemed a bit confused. I massaged the last of the cum on him until nothing was visible. One problem though – the cum is sticky, not like oil.

“That’s it. You are all done now” I said. “I recommend you take a bath or jump in the pool, so you can wash off some of the massage oil”.

“Good idea” he got up from the massage bed. “I can wash off the cum too” he said and winked at me.

Pictures provided by Sleep Sins

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