Salt of Life Spa

I had been waiting for almost 1 year for this day. I signed up for the most exclusive spa in the world and had to wait for 3 months to even get an acknowledgement on my application to visit it.

After pulling some strings, I succeeded in getting an invitation to visit the spa, less than 1 year after I had applied. The application cost $5000 and the visit cost $20000, both amounts prepaid. Quite steep for a spa, I know, but the spa had a reputation to give the experience of a life time – and most attractive of all, it was impossible to get any details about the treatment. The secrecy, the mystery, is what attracted me most.

I entered the waiting room and was told I had to wait approximately 40 minutes before they would receive me. I picked up a brochure for the place that was lying on the table.

Instructions it read on the front page. I opened the brochure and on the first page, I saw this image:


It was accompanied by a text.

When you enter the spa, the first thing you must do, is to get undressed.

This lady was most certainly undressed, where it matters. I was generally a shy girl, but not in situations that were not sexually loaded, such as at the doctors or … for example at a spa, where it’s quite natural to be unclothed while receiving treatment.

After a short time, your team of therapists will join you in the room. While other spas will just give you a single therapist, the exclusive luxury treatment of the Salt of Life Spa, will give you no less than 10 therapists for a single treatment. Some times more than that.

Amazing. It was beginning to make sense where all the money went. With that amount of staff, the price of visiting the spa was a little more understandable. It was not overly expensive, considering the amount of therapists. In fact, it was not much more than 10 times more expensive than a regular luxury spa.

I turned the page and looked at the next picture.


For your comfort, the light will dim and you can sit on the pillow and relax. Your therapists will enter the room – all therapists are male, some partly dressed, some not dressed at all. They will be instrumental in carrying out your therapy.

Wow, if this wasn’t a spa, I could be really uncomfortable being put in a situation like that. Surrounded by naked and semi naked guys while I myself was naked, could under other circumstances worry me, but under these circumstances, it seemed quite exciting actually.

I continued reading the brochure.

In order to ensure the best possible quality of your treatment, the therapists will only treat 1 or 2, certainly no more than 3 clients per day. That ensures that they will have sufficient energy, ‘juice’ if you will, to make sure your treatment is perfect.

I turned the page.


The next page, I was surprised to see, showed three therapists apparently masturbating and cumming on the face of the model in the brochure.

I read the description.

At the Salt of Life Spa, we distribute the Salt of Life at a high pace, using three therapists at the time and having additional therapists standing by to take over.

Apparently, Salt of Life meant semen to them. I guess it’s related to life – and it’s salty too. Clever. I read on.

The salty substance will help your skin. It contains ammonia salts. These salts are very effective at de-greasing as well as having anti-bacterial properties.

The next page showed how effective they were at dispensing semen.


The Salt of Life will eventually cover your whole body. However, instead of distributing it everywhere on your body, the therapists will continue to dispense it on your face. The substance will then naturally spread to the rest of the body, through the natural forces of gravity.

The Salt of Life contains protein which can have a tightening effect on the skin. As the water evaporates, the protein remains, temporarily stretching out fine wrinkles. The therapists will have eaten steaks and carrots no more than 5 hours before a session to maximize the protein and Vitamin D contents.

Amazing. It seemed kind of gross at first glance – also at second glance, I suppose, but given the scientific back story, it was actually quite interesting to learn of the benefits of semen on the skin.

I turned the page.


You will know when the treatment is done, because you will be covered in the Salt of Life and no one will be dispensing any more on you. It should be stressed that each therapist can only dispense once.

Oh my god, that looks really nasty. She has cum, excuse me, Salt of Life, in her eyes and can’t even open them, it seems. Still, it’s documented to be good for your skin.

I was considering for a second whether I would really want this kind of treatment performed on me, but then reminded myself of the experience of a life time that I had been promised, as well as the total of non-refundable $25000 that I had already fronted. You might think I’m stupid if I go and pay people to spray cum on me – but wouldn’t it be even more stupid to pay them to do it, and then back out in the last minute?

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