Second witness for divorce

Even though Carolin’s friend Joel wasn’t a divorce lawyer, she had heard he was very good and thorough when dealing with contracts and she correctly assumed that a marriage contract would be no different.


“So you want a divorce for your husband, but he is away on a mission to Indonesia for 6 months, so you can’t get him to sign … is that understood correctly?” Joel asked Carolin.

Carolin confirmed.

“Did you bring your marriage contract?” Joel’s assistant Joel asked. (Yes, Joel’s assistant was also named Joel – just a curious coincidence)

Carolin took our the marriage contract and handed it to Joel, the assistant. He looked it over for a minute or two, then handed it to Joel, the lawyer.

Joel looked it over and then nodded. “Yes, this contract must be cancelled by both parties that signed it – although there are a few other things that can cancel it.” he explained.


Joel got up and stood right next to Carolin. “There are just two other clauses that can get you out of it.”

He got up real close to Carolin and then started helping her off with her cardigan. “Let me get this for you” he said and continued “one clause is right here”. He pointed to the contract. “Till death do you part” he read out “we don’t like that one too much”. Carolin agreed.

“The other one” Joel said and smiled – so did Joel. He lifted the straps off her top. “The other one is adultery”.

Joel the lawyer let Carolin’s top fall down and he had meanwhile unzipped his pants. He came up to Carolin. “Grab it” he said “It’s your way out”.


Carolin did as her legal council advised. “Yes, that’s good” Joel said. “Now suck it – your only way out is adultery” Joel explained. Carolin crouched and started putting Joel’s cock in her mouth.

She sucked it, knowing this quick fix would be the easy way out of the marriage.

Although, it was not going to be as easy as she thought initially. Meanwhile Joel, that is, Joel the assistant was now also standing right next to her. He was also unzipping his pants, letting his cock slip out of his pants.

Carolin looked up at Joel the lawyer, then at Joel the assistant.

Joel the assistant said “Put it in your mouth – your marriage contract has two witnesses, you need two participants in the adultery too. Carolin understood the logic.


After a while of sucking Joel the assistant said to Joel the lawyer “Joel – what exactly constitutes adultery these days?”.

Joel the lawyer responded “Well, ever since the whole Clinton/Lewinsky affair, there has been some doubt about this.” he sat down on the couch and pulled Carolin down with him “So to be on the safe side …”

Carolin willingly sat down on Joel’s cock while obeying Joel’s wish to keep sucking his cock.


Joel reassured Carolin. “Yes, you are on the track to divorce – we are moments away from both being able to legally sign that you have committed adultery – just keep going”.

That’s when Carolin felt a finger enter her anus. Joel was rubbing massage lotion on and around it. He then asked into the room. “Are we getting this?” as he started pushing his cock into her ass.

Carolin’s said, her mouth not being occupied for a change, “What? Who are you talking to? Getting what?”. Joel pushed his cock into her ass and she gasped – he then answered the question. “Well, we have to film the adultery as proof – otherwise your husband could challenge the claim of adultery and your divorce might not go through.


Carolin now noticed the open window leading into an adjacent room and could just about make out a man standing with a camera on a tripod in the other room.

“Can you lean to the left, please, I can’t catch you penetrating her ass right now” the guy operating the camera said.

Both Joels started grunting and huffing. Then, one after the other, they exhaled and cum splurted out from her holes.

Carolin was, after all, happy that the ordeal was over. “So I’m divorced now?” she asked Joel the lawyer.

“Well” he responded “We will have to show this video in court as proof, of course”.

“Oh” Carolin said, but tried to look on the bright side “but it won’t be shown outside court, right?”.

“Not as such” Joel the assistant said, “but since the court proceedings are televised that doesn’t make much difference”

Before Carolin could even comment, Joel the assistant asked Joel the lawyer, “By the way, does anal even count as adultery?”

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