Secrets of successful boxing

Boxing is a sport which is about punching the opponent more than the opponent punches you. Right? Well … it’s not totally wrong, of course, but it’s certainly not the whole truth.

I’m the promoter of Gertrude. You can see a picture of her below.


She’s hot right? Well, that shouldn’t matter in boxing, but it does. Image, popularity and style is everything in boxing. Is boxing really about punching? Yes, probably somewhat, but more than anything, it is about drawing a crowd – which will pay for tickets.

That’s why it’s called a promoter. You are promoting the boxer. It’s not called an agent. Anyone can make an appointment to have a fight. Perhaps in an alley. Many have had fights in alleys without even having an appointment. That’s peace of cake.

That’s why I’m promoting Gertrude. My first step was to give her a different name. She was now known as Nina and were quite popular. Just as many tennis players and other athletes, I decided to make a calendar with her.


Nina understands the importance of promotion and has absolutely no problem with going topless in a calendar. Especially after I showed her what all the other famous athletes did.

At first she was not comfortable being nude, but I told her we could take the most modest pictures and use them in the calendar. After a few shots, I showed her this one and she was satisfied that it was quite classy, and relaxed a bit.


We also got a few other got shots. For example this one, which also made it to the calendar. It was quite popular.


Nina was unhappy with the exposure, but happy with the … exposure. Yes, she got ahead and got the matches that her skills deserved. She was a decent boxer, but if you cannot get the big matches, what does it matter. That’s where a promoter comes in.

At this point, I had done pretty much as much as I could with the calendar. It’s an easy way to draw attention, but you can’t really use it again.

At one point, I gave her a training session with the promoter of one of the major stars of boxing.


Nina was confused about why I had given them a training session together, but she doesn’t understand the importance of keeping good relations with the other promoters. If we can get this promoter to set up a match between his star and Nina, she will rise to a new level and be able to get even better matches. Even if she loses, it will be good for her career.

In a break, I explained this to her, and she understood that she had to flirt with him.


“Practice is over” I said “I guess it’s time to change. They were both standing in the dressing room. The promoter shrugged his shoulders and pulled his pants down. He was already sporting a big erection. Nina sat down next to him and lowered her bra. As she did it, the promoter quickly leaned over and licked her nipples.


I hadn’t prepped her much to this situation, but she understood what she had to do. Just as she had understood when making the calendar, she now understood that she had to show this promoter a good time. In return, he would hopefully set up a match between her and his superstar.

Nina pulled her pants off and the promoter did the most predictable thing in the world. He fucked her.


It wasn’t long until he came in her.

They both showered and the training session ended that way.

Two days later, at the next training session, the promoter was there again. Nina went to me and complained, saying she thought it would be a one time thing and that she wouldn’t put up with this. “Just one more time” I reassured her,

This time they didn’t actually practice boxing. Instead he went straight to the fucking.


He finished fucking her and quickly left.

It was as I had promised her, the last time she was there. We continued training normally the rest of the week. Nina then asked about the promoter, whether anything good had come out of our efforts.

“Well, I was hoping for a match between you and her star.” I told her “But the only thing we got, was me and her in a few training session. Thanks, by the way!”

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