Sexual Rehabilitation

This is my first day working in the sexual rehabilitation facility. My job is to facilitate meetings with asexuals who have lost their interest in sex altogether. I got the job because I’m kind of cute and if anyone can, then I’ll be able to awaken their interest in sex again.

Part of my job is of course to tempt the participants, which is what I’m doing right now, simply by lifting my skirt, showing my pussy.


Everyone is looking interested, but that could very well be out of politeness. Additionally, when they are touching me, it doesn’t really show anything about their sexual interest. They touch me and they could do that regardless of the level of their sexual interest.


They touched me more and more and I got slightly uncomfortable with it. Mostly because this IS my first day and I was thrown right into this session, now knowing a lot about what to do.

I did have my strong common sense, though, and knew it would be a mistake to reject them. For them to regain their interest in sex, they should experience it as something good and not stressful or embarrassing.

However, them touching me didn’t really tell me anything about how it was going. So I had to have them unzip and see how it was going. Their penises would not be able to lie about their progress.


As you can see, some of the penises were in fact quite erect. I was surprised at how easy that had been, but was of course also pleased with myself, doing a good job.

My next move would be to actually get naked myself. This was quite a feat, as I was normally shy. However, this was part of important work to help clinically impotent and asexual men and there was really no perceived risk that anything would happen, although I would naked and alone with 3 men.

The guys were still having their cocks out while I undressed. What happened then completely took me by surprise. As I undressed, two of the guys wacked off and came on me. My body was drenched in cum!


How could this happen!? They were supposed to be asexuals and not even be turned on by me. Ok, I knew I was very hot, but to even be able to have impotent men cum on on sight is unheard of.

Yes, I did of course regard it as a success. They were being treated for exactly not being able to do what they had just done. One guy was remaining, but even he was quite stiff. Although he must have had no interest in it, being an asexual, he approached me with his cock. I thought I was going to convince him, but perhaps he was just very eager to get well soon, so I didn’t even have to give him any more encouragement.


He penetrated my petite pussy quite easily and began fucking me just as any other man would. When taking the job, I had been warned that I might get in situations like this as part of my work, but that it would only happen maybe once every two months and that it would be celebrated afterwards as a great success. Well, I guess I was lucky I had already accomplished this on my first day. Beginner’s luck I guess.

One thing was for sure, I was supposed to follow through on it. Not stop him or anything. For my life, I should give him a good experience with sex. This could be the deciding moment in having him get better.

I was just struggling to understand the situation, when I was surprised once more. One of the guys who had already cum 10 minutes ago, was holding his half erect cock to my mouth, indicating he wanted more stimulans.


I was trying to figure out how this could happen. Could it be that these men had been wrongly diagnosed – that they simply hadn’t received the proper stimuli before and thus was under the impression that they were asexuals or impotent?

While wondering about this, the guy I sucked off switched with the guy who was fucking me, who then came directly in my eyes.


Rather inconsiderate of him – and I was quite getting tired of the whole situation. I reminded myself that I could not make a scene, as it might frighten them and make my efforts so far fruitless.

While I was blinded by the cum, one other guy switched to fuck me in my pussy. I couldn’t keep track of who it was. According to my count, everyone had just cum on me. I could risk wiping the cum away, hoping it wouldn’t make the men feel embarrassed, but before that happened, I got the answer to who was going at it. Well, not exactly, but I heard a male voice say “Sorry I was late” while he continued fucking me.

The new guy came in my pussy. The other guys had been relatively considerate and came outside my pussy, but this guy hadn’t cared. They stood me up and bend me over and looked as the cum was slowly dripping out. That’s when my employer entered the room.


“How did you like it, guys?” he asked. They all grinned and agreed that they had liked it. They better!

“Linda” he said, addressing me, “You should save that performance for the asexuals coming in later this afternoon. It really doesn’t work that well with curing these sex addicts.”

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