Sexy roommate

Ken owned an apartment and had searched for a roommate. He demanded that they’d be tidy so his apartment would not be a big mess all the time and in his mind, this meant finding a female roommate, because in his experience, men were pigs and most girls were reasonably tidy.

He was perhaps not wrong, albeit prejudicial.

He had lots of applicants and he chose on based on what she was studying and the grammer in her application. There was no picture, but Barbara turned out to be really good looking.


“Barbie” he would call her, playfully, referring to the funny coincidence that they were now Barbie and Ken living together.

Barbie was very liberal and flirty. Maybe she wasn’t actually flirty, but just comfortable.

When Ken was in his room, she might open his door without warning, wearing just her underwear asking “Hey, did you see the detergent anywhere?”

“Under the sink” Ken would just answer, and Barbie would be gone again.


Over the following months, Barbie got more and more comfortable.

One time Ken got up earlier than usual on a Sunday morning and found Barbie at the refrigirator wearing what he had to assume was her night wear. It certainly looked comfy, although it didn’t do much to keep her warm.


When she heard him come in, she turned around and greeted him.

“You are up early!” she observed “I’m making breakfast! You want some?”

Ken couldn’t help but stare at her. Unfortunately he stared so much that even oblivious Barbie noticed.


Not only was her tits clearly visible, he even noticed her shaven slit could be seen through the sheer panties.

“Getting a good look?” she asked, grinning.

“Uhh sorry” Ken said and looked away. “I’ll give you some privacy.” he said.

“Oh come on, it’s your apartment, you shouldn’t have to leave. I’ll just make some breakfast for you. Make yourself comfortable” she said and Ken complied.

She opened the fridge again and leaned in to grab some eggs. Ken almost came right there in his pants.


She continued making breakfast and we had it together, meanwhile Ken was sweating and uncomfortable, but also didn’t want to embarrass Barbie.

After they were done, Barbie went to her room to get dressed and Ken went to HIS room to … watch TV. Porn. He was definitely gonna jerk off.

Just as he had pulled his pants down, Barbie came in without warning and pulled her dress over her head, leaving her naked.


“Sorry, Ken, I know I made you uncomfortable before” she said

“No no, it’s fine” Ken stuttered.

“No Ken” she said and came closer. “I caused this” she said referring to Kens boner which he still had out of his pants.

She stepped over the couch and put a leg on each side of him, then she started slipping down on his cock. “I started this and I will finish it, it’s the least I can do”. Ken was not agreeing in the literal sense, but he was fine with her logic.


“Come on, be a gentleman, don’t make me do all the work” she said and lied down on her back and invited him to fuck her missionary.

Again, Ken complied.


He could feel himself getting closer to cum and he was about to pull out, but she pulled him closer.

“It’s OK, I’m on the pill” she said.

With that there was nothing stopping Ken and instead of pulling out he sped up and fucked her harder and harder for about … 30 seconds … before cumming as he’d never cum before right in her pussy.

“Wow” she said “That was a bit quick, OK you win, but I want a rematch!” she giggled.

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