Shopping for the dungeon

Now that’s what I call good service. She’s standing there in her underwear, but it’s just business as usual. She’s a saleswoman in a shop that sells dungeon equipment.


It’s only natural that you get to see how it works before you buy it – and what better way, than to have the saleswoman demonstrate that. I’m paying attention to how the equipment works, but it’s also relevant to notice what effect it has on the person that’s using it.


The chains at her hands keep her arms up and her breast high. Notice the bar at her feet, which keeps her legs spread. Brilliant.

“Thanks for showing me, I’ll consider it”.

She was a good saleswoman, doing a real effort at demonstrating this stuff for me, so I know what it is I’m buying. “Now, this next item is a bed with a mattress and special equipment for tying someone up”. I knew that, of course.

“Sorry, I’m not interested” I said.

“Not interested? Well, I did go all the way down to the dungeon to show you this stuff, now I have to go all the way back up and not having sold anything. If you were not serious, why did you waste me time?”

Boy, was she cranky. She continued on. “I work on commission, you know, it’s no fun when people like you waste my time”.

I got ready to leave. “I’m not interested, because it’s unrealistic. The people tied up here, would be naked – and you’re not naked. I can’t make a decision when the demonstration is not realistic.”

“Forget it, pal – I’m not going naked. Don’t think you’re the first guy to try to get me to demonstrate one of these machines naked.”

“Ok, but it’s unrealistic. Thanks anyway” I said, and started leaving. “Wait …” she said. “Will you stay and let me demonstrate that mattress, if I do it naked? You’ll really consider buying it then, right?”

“Right – if you demonstrate it properly”.

“Ok”, she said. “It’s really good, so I think you’ll be interested. You’ll have to help me get properly tied up, then”. She took off her clothes and laid down on the mattress. She instructed me on how to tie her up according to the instructional manual.

After I had done everything she instructed me to, I must admit, it was a really good system.


“You are right, that’s really a nice mattress – I understand why you wanted to show me so badly”.

She nodded. “Yes, you see how this works – I can’t move at all and my position is quite vulnerable. Now please untie me so I can make a receipt for you – you are going to buy this, right?”

“Buy it? First I’m going to play a little with your pussy, now that it’s so tempting” I said, and took off my clothes.


“I’ll play with your pussy, maybe a bit with your nipples too, but don’t worry I’m not going to fuck you”.

She was mortified. How could I do that?

“Ha ha, I’m just kidding, I got you there!”. She sighed of relief, until she heard me finish my sentence. “Of course I’m going to fuck you.”

Her restraints made it very easy to get access. The height of the mattress was just perfect – everything was perfect. I slipped it in easy and began to move back and fourth. “Yes, I’m definitely going to get one of these” I said, as he came inside her.


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  1. A dedicated saleswoman, but really, what did she expect, with her legs that wide and her pussy so tempting and vulnerable… It would be nice to think he left her like that afterward, so that any other potential buyers could also try out the system…

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