Sitting in the couch

My husband brought two younger colleagues home with him to watch the game. I had prepared snacks in the kitchen but when I got in the living room, there was no more space for me in the couch.


“Can you scooch over?” I asked. They didn’t react, they were just busy watching their game.

“Can you fit one more in that couch?” I asked. Still, no one reacted.

I wasn’t going to let these guys kick me out of me own living room. I didn’t care much about the game, but I wanted to have a nice time on the couch like everyone else. So I didn’t take no for an answer. I just sat on the lap of one of my husbands co-workers.


I thought it was the ultimate move to get him to get up or make space, but he just continued following the game. I wasn’t really comfortable and wasn’t going to be content with this arrangement.

I decided to use my not so secret weapon. I started moving in sensual circles on his lap. It worked like a charm. I immediately felt his boner through his pants and I had his attention.


It was completely hard and almost coming out of his pants by itself.

I managed to open his pants with my hand and his cock sprung out as if it had waited for this moment all day. To the shock of my husbands colleague, I slipped his cock into my vagina and started massaging it with it. Also known as fucking.


I started out slow, but steadily increased speed. His shaft was rock hard, pumping in and out of my vagina, I felt every movement of it.

I increased speed to the level that if any of the others had looked in our direction, they would have no doubt what we were doing. However, there was no chance of that, while the game was going on.


I could hear a muffled moan from the dude and felt his cum sprinkle into me.

His cock got limp and fell out and with it, some of his cum. He got up and hurried into the bathroom to get cleaned up.

Meanwhile, I got his seat!


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