Social Experiment

“So why did you originally sign up for this social experiment?” the journalist asked Gemma.

“Well, I like science and this was all for science. And I like money as well, and they paid me some money to participate. In hindsight, it wasn’t well paid” Gemma said to the journalist who scribbled in her notebook.

The journalist looked up from her book. “And can you tell how the experiment went?”

“It was a young research team that was doing a social experiment. They took me to a bar and had me walk around on all fours.”


“The point was that they wanted to see if they could affect peoples behavior towards me by giving them signals. One rule they were very strict about was that I could not speak at all. Since I wasn’t trained in the experiment, I could ruin the whole thing by saying the wrong thing”.

“The journalist nodded” the journalist said aloud and nodded, while she wrote “the journalist nodded” in her notebook. This was largely beside the point.

“What kind of signals did they send” the journalist asked.

“They put a dog bown in front of me, just to see how people would react”.


“Not much happened then, not directly anyway” Gemma told.

“Did something happen indirectly?” the journalist asked.

“Well, maybe” Gemma said and pondered on the question. “Perhaps it was humiliating for me to be treated like a dog in a public place and the people there would notice that I accepted the humiliation so my social standing diminished”

The journalist nodded while writing down in her notebook, meanwhile Gemma continued her story.

“They did a few more things to humiliate me, just to make sure everyone got my social standing. They poured a beer on me”


“That was really annoying. And then they also pulled my skirt up and exposed my panties. I wasn’t allowed to resist at all or say anything at all.”


“They even slapped my butt and asked another bar guest if he wanted to do it too and he did. So now they got them engaged in it.

“At the same time, they had me lick one of the researchers feet, just to make absolutely sure everyone knew of my humility”.


“One of the researchers pulled my panties slightly down, not all the way, but just enough to lead the way for anyone else who wanted to continue. This was when the real experiment began”


“What do you mean?” the journalist asked “the real experiment?”

“Yes, from here on in, the researchers quietly went into the background and observed while the rest of the guests turned their attention to me. It wasn’t long before they had pulled my shirt down and my panties off. They would continue humiliating me, just for kicks. No one would show me any compassion.”


“From there it wasn’t far before some of the guys discovered they could do pretty much anything to them. I didn’t give my consent, but I didn’t stop them either. A few of them started making me give them blowjobs.”


“First one, then more”



“At one point the researchers thought they discovered unexpected behaviour”

“Really?” the journalist asked. Her interest was peeked. “What was that?”

“Well, someone wiped the cum off my face. However, it’s unknown whether they were compassionate or whether they just wanted to get me ready for the next thing they had in mind for me”

Gemma took a deep breath before continuing.

“They’d found some rope” she said and paused again.

“Well, to make a long story short – and it was long – they tied me up in there. Completely fixated me.”


“They even gagged me” Gemma said.

“But you were not supposed to talk at all” the journalist noted.

“I know” Gemma said “I don’t get why they would gag me then. I hadn’t said anything. But let me remind you, this was people doing it. Not the researchers. Just the random people in the bar”.

“Then what did they do?” the journalist asked and inappropriately licked her lips.

“Well, they fucked me, what else?”


“Who, they?” the journalist asked.

“Not sure exactly” Gemma said. “Pretty much everyone”.


“And while this was going on, what were the other guests in the bar doing?” the journalist enquired.

“Besides waiting to fuck me? Well, some were taking pictures, others were just standing around, laughing, having a good time. Well, to be honest, I can’t know for sure whether they would do that if I wasn’t there too, but it did feel a bit directed at me at times, I think”


“And at which point did the researchers then release you?” the journalist asked.

“The researchers? No, they were just observing at this point. They were not releasing me. The guys kept fucking me for at least and hour or two until the line started getting shorter and people started losing interested.”


“And when do you expect to get released?” the journalist asked and took a zip from her beer.

“Could you release me, please?” Gemma pleaded.

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