Some Pictures For The Groom

I am a wedding photographer and I like to play around with the bride a little and make her day fun and one to remember.

I like to make jokes and the result is undeniable. It results in great photos like this one where we get a really true smile.


Some times I come across a rare type of people who is happy and smiling but just doesn’t get a joke.

For example I some times say “You are beautiful. You will never be as beautiful again as you are today. From here on it can only go in one direction”.

Some dark humor like that some times help take tension away on the big day.

I also said “The groom would like some topless photos” and the bride would normally laugh but in rare cases like this, she simply followed my directions.


I thought “What a lucky guy” and then I thought … “And lucky me”.

“These are really good” I said, encouraged her.

She smiled and laughed. I think she knew she didn’t have a sense of humour and she compensated for it by laughing at everything and pretending she gets it.

“Time to take the underwear off for those bottomless shots the groom wanted.” I then said. Thinking this time she would twitch or at least think. No.


Did she really think that this was part of the official wedding photographies? I decided that the solution was simply that she didn’t think. She was just doing as a person in authority told her to do.

And so she continued posing naked in front of me.

Of course I couldn’t help getting a really big hardon. I grew confident and just let it slip out of my pants and stroked it for a bit as I continued taking more pictures.


“These are excellent – what a way to remember your special day. Say, I am getting a bit horny, should we have some sex?” I asked as blatantly as anyone had ever asked before.

“Oh no, I will only have sex with my husband. What if anyone else found out or even my husband. That would not be good. The wedding would be ruined and all the guests would have to leave”

I was trying to follow her logic.

“OK, so how about this – I will tell your husband that we had sex”

“No, don’t do that! It’s not true! He will not marry me!”

“I know it’s not true … but I will tell him anyway … unless … we DO have sex! Then I won’t tell him”

“So unless we have sex, you will tell my husband we had sex and then wedding is off?” she inquiried. I nodded.

“Quickly, before anyone comes”


She got on the bed and I wasted on time getting on top of her and started fucking her.

I didn’t want to get caught any more than she did. She had more to lose, sure, but I had something to lose too. My job and reputation. That’s a lot!

I continued fucking her. “Are you done yet?” she asked.


“Working on it” I moaned.

“Maybe if we switch position” I said and turned her around. I continued fucking her from behind.



I decided, after all, not to cum in her. That would be asking for trouble.

I pulled out and ejaculated all over her breasts. Force of habit, I guess.

I grabbed my camera. “One more for the groom” I said and she gave me a big smile back.


“So you won’t tell the groom?” she asked to confirm.

“No, I certainly won’t” I said.

“Oh good. I was afraid there was going to be some sort of twist, but relieved to hear there isn’t one” she replied.

“Sure, there could be a twist, but there just isn’t, so that’s good. Everything is resolved now”.

“Oh good.”

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