Something new

Dan was kissing Jenny as he did so many nights before while they were watching a movie and they both knew that this would lead to their sex session that they had almost every night.


Dan suddenly stopped and this was unusual. He had an idea.

“What if we do something different tonight?” Dan suggested. Jenny nodded. “Something different sounds good” she said. “What do you have in mind”.


“It’s a surprise” Dan said “I won’t tell you, but you’re up for it right, something different tonight?”

Jenny nodded. The boredom of the same old sex every night meant she was very susceptible to this idea.

Dan pulled out a blindfold and put it on her. She was into the idea. “How did he know?” she wondered. Then when she was not able to look, he also took a harness out. She was not so sure she was into that part, but she was excited and going to keep an open mind.

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He leaned her back and started pulling her panties off.

“Is this going to be some sort of role play?” she asked.

“Sort of” he said “But be quiet now, I am not going to speak, because that will ruin it”

The secrecy was definitely turning Jenny on.


While Jenny was blindfolded, Dans friend Chris silently entered the room and pulled his pants down.

Dan had already proposed this idea to Chris and said he wasn’t sure it would work, but told Chris to keep quiet and wait in the next room and spy of them to see when it was the right time to come out.


“But Dan” Jenny said “The blindfold is cool, but could we do some roleplay, like pretend you are some burglar or something?”

“Sure” Dan said as Chris came closer. Her pussy was already widely exposed and dripping wet from the excitement of getting blindfolded and Chris was able to slip his cock straight in.

Chris’ cock was slightly bigger than Dans and Jenny immediately felt the difference. “Whoa, you feel different, did you … work out or something?” she said, oblivious to the fact that you cannot really enlarge your cock with workout. Quite the opposite.


Chris turned Jenny around and started fucking her doggy style – his favorite position.

Meanwhile, Dan would help out by giving her the familiar touch of his hand on her butt cheeks, although it came from the wrong direction. She didn’t notice.


Jenny started cumming from the excitement, and so did Chris! He was cumming inside her.

“Ohh baby you know I like you to pull out” she said.

Then Dan broke the silence and said “Well, Chris didn’t know that” and he remove Jennys blindfold.

She did not believe her eyes.


“It’s different, right?” Dan said

“What are you doing, you stupid jerk, that’s not cool!” Jenny was not happy.

“Did you really think I would be up for this? You are in big trouble!” Jenny said.

“I know” Dan said “That’s why I decided to do it just before I was going to break up with you. Jenny, it’s not working out, but maybe Chris here would like to be your boyfriend” he said and looked at Chris – he pouted his mouth and shook his head.


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