Sorority initiation – Completion!

Haley had been waiting long for this day. It was going to her chance to complete her initiation into the sorority!

She was getting ready to go to school. Before leaving the compound, one of the sorority sisters had asked her to give her boyfriend a quick blowjob before going out. She was just in the middle of it, when Haleys sponsor met her.

“Hi Haley, are you going to be long?”


Seconds later, cum sprayed into her mouth, that she swallowed.

“All done now” Haley said.

“Good” her sponsor said. “You’re not going to school today – we have something else for you. It’s going to be a chance to complete your sorority initiation ritual!”

Haley was very excited.

“Hey, by the way” her sponsor said “I thought you might enjoy this picture of two girls who stopped the sorority initiation when it was nearing completion. They still live at that farm, as far as we know.”


Haley got in the car and they started driving.

They were driving for a while, without anyone talking much or anyone mentioning where they were going.

“We’re driving quite far, huh?” Haley observed. Her sponsor nodded.

“Almost there” her sponsor said after 10 more minutes, while they were driving down a dirt road into a field, outside the city.

They stopped at a little stone house and went inside. It looked very different on the inside than Haley would have expected. A lady greeted them that was introduced as “Sandra”.

“She will start the completion of your initiation” her sponsor explained.

She was led into a room where Sandra tied a rope around her and tied her hands behind her back. “What’s going to happen?” Haley asked. Her sponsor said “You will have to trust us on this”.

Sandra finished tying her up and put a gag in her mouth. Then she started undressing Haley.


Sandra was holding some kind of weird tool. Haley just wondered for a moment about what it was for, before her unspoken question was answered.


Sandra penetrated Haley for a while, seemingly purposeless, before she stopped and left Haley, literally, hanging. Sandra and her sponsor left.

Haley lost track of time, but it must have been less than 30 minutes before Sandra and her sponsor came in again, this time with a man. Haley pretty much expected this after the last few days.

The three of them started untying Haley – not from herself, but from the ceiling, still keeping her tied up. They carried her to a bed room and started tying her to the bed until she was completely fixated.


Still gagged, Haley couldn’t say anything. She wouldn’t know what to say anyway. This close to completion, she was not going to spoil it – and she didn’t have a choice anyway.

Sandra had some fun with her as she lied there. First some light spanking.


Then she made her cum, using a massage device.


Then the man was invited inside. He took her gag out and told her to make sounds if she wanted to. She remembered she was in the middle of the woods – and also remembered that she was still in the middle of the sorority initiation.

She took the invite as a challenge to keep a quiet and took the challenge. She kept almost completely quiet while he fucked her. Not being gagged gave her an unfitting sense of control.


While the guy was fucking her, the sponsor took a few pictures. “For the archives” as she said and grinned.

After he was done, they left her there for a short time, until all three of them came in again. They tied her hands and legs to keep her immobilized and then hung her from the ceiling.

“Lunch?” Sandra asked Haleys sponsor and the man. “Sure” they both said and then they left, letting Haley hang from the ceiling.

After about 10 minutes a man that Haley hadn’t seen before entered the room.

“Hi, I’m Jerry, do you mind if I fuck you too?” he had asked.

It’s not like she had any choice, but she figured it was all part of the same challenge. She went “sure, go ahead”.

He went behind her and started fucking her.


He fucked her for a while until he came in her. He wiped most of the cum away and left without saying another word.

Back from lunch, Haleys sponsor, Sandra and the guy from before returned. “How have you been?” her sponsor asked.

“Fine” Haley lied, getting seriously physically tired of hanging like this.

“Who gave you permission to speak!?” Sandra asked rhetorically.

“This will have to be punished. Over there” Sandra said and pointed to a wooden bench of some sort. The guy and the sponsor carried her over there and tied her to the poles at the bench.


“Will you conduct the punishment?” Sandra asked the guy.

“Sure, I guess I can go again” he said. He went to her and started shoving his cock into her. Her pussy had already been used a lot today so his cock went in smooth. When it went in, though, a bit of the cum from Jerry came gushing out.


“Did you cum already?” Sandra asked him. “No – it must’ve already been there!”

“Must be Jerry” Sandra said. “Haley, have you been unfaithful with Jerry while we were away for lunch?” she asked. Haley couldn’t respond, not even by nodding, as her neck was also fixated.

“This will have to be punished – but you’re already being punished, so how can we punish you any more?” Sandra asked. Haley was unable to respond.

“Do you want to get out of here?” Sandra asked as she removed the gag. Haley looked at her sponsor who was nodding. “Yes?” Haley then said.

“Great!” Sandra said. “Let’s go to town!”

Haley was untied, asked to put a dress on and was then tied up again before she was led into the car. After a short drive, they came to a little shop that sold tools and found about 4 or 5 men standing in there, going about their shopping.

In the shop, however, there was some sort of pillory. Haley was put in the pillory which fixated her completely and her skirt was pulled up, exposing her pussy to the entire shop.


It wasn’t a regular pillory. The only part on the backside was her lower bottom. Sandra started fingering her and putting the massage device on her pussy. No matter how uncomfortable Haley was, she couldn’t help get horny and orgasm after a couple of minutes of Sandras experienced use of the massage device.

While she was gathering quite a crowd, one of the guys got in front of her and started making her give him a blowjob. More like a mouth fuck!


Haley could feel more hands on her ass and she could hear people started unzipping their pants.


When Sandra moved away, she gave a condom to one of the guys. He put it on and went straight to her and stuffed his cock in her pussy. It went straight in, after having been warmed up by Sandra.


Sandra and Haleys sponsor went to the front side while the guys took turns fucking her.

“How are you doing?” Sandra asked her. Haley nodded. “Doing … good” she said, while some stranger was fucking her on the other side of the board.

Although the first guy had used a condom, that policy was considered a little less important by the next guys that were not supervised by Sandra.


While he was cumming in her and the next guy was taking his place, her sponsor asked her again.

“How are you doing? Are you OK?”

“Sure” Haley said, only thinking about how close she hoped she was to all of it being over.

“These strangers are fucking you right now – and there are lots more waiting. You know that, don’t you?” her sponsor explained.

Haley nodded.

“And you’re OK with that?”

“I guess” she said. “Is this is the last challenge?” she asked.

“Yes, Haley, this is the last challenge” her sponsor said. “But I’m sorry to say that you failed”.

“Failed!? I did everything I could possibly do!” Haley argued, while a stranger was still fucking her behind the board.

“Yes” her sponsor said “But you lack one quality that this sorority requires: The ability to say no! We will leave you here. Our time has been wasted, except we now have some more pictures to show prospective candidates.”

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