Sorority initiation – Introduction

You may wonder, why is Haley standing here in her white underwear?


Before you wonder more about that, you probably wonder – ‘who is Haley?’

Haley is 18 years old and, as you can see, probably one of the prettiest girls in school. She usually wore glasses and baggy clothes, so most people hadn’t really noticed her much.

She had asked to be initiated in the school’s most popular sorority.

After asking for a long time, she was finally invited to the house of her “pledge sponsor” that was going to tell her everything about how to get initiated.

She already knew from reputation that the pledge was going to be a little tough, but that made it so much more special, Haley thought.

That’s why she was not surprised when her "pledge sponsor" asked her to strip to her underwear and join her in the bath room.


“Are you absolutely sure that you want to pledge to become a member of the sorority?” her sponsor asked her. Haley nodded. “Don’t just nod. You have to say it. This is serious stuff”.

Haley nodded again and shortly after she realized she probably had to give some verbal confirmation. “Oh, yes of course. Yes, I absolutely confirm that I want to pledge to be part of the sorority”.

“OK, come on in girls” she said and 3 other girls joined them.

“Repeat after me” one of the other girls said and started saying things like “I solemnly swear …” and so on.

Haley repeated it and the girl finally said. “Congratulations, you are now officially pledging to become member of the sorority.”

“And now a warning” one of the other girls said and took a pile of printed pictures up from her purse. If you stop the pledge before it’s finished, there will be some sort of punishment from the group.

“Punishment?” Haley said “What do you mean?”.

“Like this” one of the girls said and handed a picture to Haley. She looked at it.


“She aborted the pledge?” Haley asked, to clarify what was going on.

“Yes – you can of course abort the pledge, but there will be an appropriate punishment. Like this one.” she said and handed Haley another picture.


“Or this one”


Haley looked at it. “You tied her up and you pulled her pants down because she aborted the pledge!?”

“Actually…” Haleys sponsor explained “We just tied her up. This picture is taken several hours later, someone else probably pulled her pants down”.

“So you tie them up outside?” Haley asked.

“The lucky ones – they’re found earlier than the ones we tie up inside.” she responded and handed Haley another photo.


“What!? You don’t untie them? How long do you leave them tied up?”

“No, we don’t untie them” the sponsor responded “but don’t worry, someone finds them after a short while, no more than a couple of days”.

“A couple of days!?” Haley almost yelled.

“Don’t worry” the sponsor responded “Everyone is found quite soon after they’re tied up”

"Except Britney" one of the girls blurted out by accident.


“Oh, no one – I’m sure she is fine”.


“Can I see those pictures?” Haley asked. The sponsor handed them to her and Haley flicked through them with a worrisome face.

She saw a picture outside the library dated ‘97.


A shot taken in the forest, she knew the spot.


“What’s this one? She’s not tied up?” Haley asked.

“No, that’s true, some of them we just drive into the mountains and let lose – but she is tied up a bit, though…”


She even found a picture from the park of a girl tied to a bench.


“Listen guys, I am not going to let you tie me up like this. It’s not happening!” Haley declared to the 4 girls.

“Did you hear that?” the sponsor asked the other girls. “Haley has chosen to go through with the pledge! Isn’t that right, Haley?” the sponsor said and gestured to Haley to nod. Haley nodded.

“Great!” one of the other girls said. “Let’s get started – take your underwear off and get in the tub.”

Haley, having just seen how they treated failed pledges, did not hesitate.


One of the girls started taking picture. “Smile” she said and Haley did.

“Stand up for a bit”. Haley did.


“Hmm, it seems like you accidentally let some foam stay on your body” the photographer observed while clicking away. “Wash it off” she ‘suggested’. Haley washed it off and revealed her shaven pussy to the camera.


“Who is going to see these pictures?” Haley asked.

“Don’t ask questions!” her sponsor said but then whispered in her ear “We’ve all done the pledge – and you haven’t seen any pictures like this of us, have you?”

Haley nodded. The logic held up.

Haley bathed around for a bit more before the photographer said “OK Haley, I want you to masturbate in front of us”. And by us, it was evident that she meant her and the camera.

Haley started rubbing her pussy while sitting at the edge of the tub.


Although the situation was very strange for Haley, or perhaps exactly because of that, she found herself starting to cum just a minute after she started masturbating herself.

The photographer went up close and even-more-personal to take some close-ups.


Haley rubbed her fingers on her clit again and again, the way that only she knew how to.

Haley started to cum and screamed out, for a moment forgetting everything around her. She had never cum so long or so hard before in her life.


“Great job, Haley!” her sponsor yelled out.

Haley sank into the tub and relaxed while the girls looked through the pictures on the camera, giggling.

Haley, having recovered, got up and wiped herself with a towel.


“So that’s all?” Haley said, being as wrong as anyone has ever been before.

“Ha ha Haley” her sponsor laughed ”No Haley, that’s not it! We’re just getting started!”

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