Sorority initiation – Nurturing an alliance

When her sponsor came this morning, Haley was ready.


“Whoa, you’re not wearing any panties!?” her sponsor said.

“Right, you told me I wasn’t supposed to” Haley reminded her.

“Oh yes – good, then. Get dressed, we need to visit someone.” the sponsor said.

She got dressed and they drove off.

On the way, Haleys sponsor was flicking through some of the old ‘pledges who chickened out"’ photo album.


“This girl was out in the back yard of one of the football players. He took pity on her quite fast, it was a bit cold at the time.”

“This other girl was not so lucky – this was actually the second time someone came on her that day”


When they arrived at the house, Haley recognized it. It was the home of the quarterback of the high school football team. “We’re visiting Jared?” Haley asked.

“Yeah, it’s an old tradition – you’re doing great so far, Haley, you really are”.

Haley came into the big light room and greeted Jared, the quarterback. They sat and chatted for a while with her sponsor being there too. Jared left to get some more ice.


“So, I assumed he was going to fuck me – I know, it’s weird, but it’s just the way things are going with this pledge” Haley said to her sponsor, while Jared was not there.

“Well, if you can … the challenge today is to get him to fuck you. If he doesn’t want to, you may lose the challenge.” her sponsor explained.

“Lose the challenge? You mean, as in – not make the pledge!?” Haley enquired. “Yes – maybe, maybe not, that will be up to the head mistress of the sorority – but just seduce him!” she said.

“So he doesn’t know why we’re here!?” Haley asked. Her sponsor shook her head. “Don’t mention the sorority!”

Haley was trying to think. She thought it was too forward and desperate to just get naked and throw herself at him. Instead she dropped her shorts, leaving her partly see-though panties on.


She sat casually on the floor now, but with a bit of her pussy hair showing through the panties.


They continued to sit and chat and drink some gin and tonics. Then Jared started noticing her in a different way. He smiled at her and his eyes were gliding up and down her.

Then he started flirting with her. “Wow, it’s hot in here” Haley lied and dropped her top, leaving her just in bra and panties.

Haley stood up and said “Do you mind if I take a shower, I could really use it”


Jared nodded “Sure”.

“All right, I’ll get ready then” Haley said and dropped what little clothing she had left, leaving her naked in front of Jared and her sponsor.


“Except …” Haley said and paused “I was always taught not to waste water. Maybe you can give me a good reason to go take a shower”.

Jared hesitated.

“Yes, come on over here – I want a closer look at that beast in your pants.”

He came of and she helped him undress. She started taking his cock in her mouth.


“Oh yeah, baby, what did I do to deserve this” he said and groaned.

“Well, you know the … I mean … I just wanted to, your cock is so hot” Haley said, remembering not to mention anything about the sorority.

Haley jumped up on the couch. “Come on and take me!” she went.


He went behind her and started pushing his smooth cock into her pussy from behnd. He tried getting it all the way in, but there simply wasn’t room left.


Haley felt filled like never before. She went on her side and tried getting it further in with only little luck.


She looked right at the camera held by her sponsor, only now realizing the scene was being perpetuated.

He fucked her as well as he could and after what must have been 10 minutes straight, he finally started groaning and moaning. Haley pulled his cock out. “I want it, give it to me!”


He came on her face and she licked up what she could. “Thankyou” she said and smiled to him.

Jared smiled. He left to get cleaned up, leaving Haley and her sponsor in the room. “Seduced?” Haley said, smiling confidently. Her smile stiffened when her sponsor repied.

“I am not sure – I don’t know whether it counts when you just get naked in front of him. is that seduction or is it just that you are a woman and he is a man? I’m not sure” her sponsor said.

“We’ll have to see what the mistress says, but I think you’re in the clear. Good job, Haley”.

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