Staying home to hang out with the maid

I like to stay home from school some times on Tuesdays when the maid comes in. She is usually alone in the house, doing her weekly cleaning for a full day. I think she looks gorgeous and I really have a big crush on her.


I fantasize about her all the time. I pretend to be working on some school project while she is cleaning. We rarely say anything to one another. I guess none of us would know what to say.


I make sure I am in the kitchen around 10:30 am, because in her daily routine, that means she will be cleaning the floor in the kitchen. That’s my favorite time of the day.

She has a very good habit of bending at the hip and wearing relatively short skirts. I am sure she wears such short skirts because she is working hard and wouldn’t want to get too hot.


I sneak a peek every now and then when she’s cleaning.

When she bends over, her skirts rides up a bit. She is too busy to keep adjusting it so some times she just lets it sit there halfway up her ass. Those are my favorite times.


Today seemed to be a really great day. After she had bent over, her skirt rode way up and she didn’t adjust it. Even when she was done with the floor and cleaning the sink, she let the skirt sit up there.

She kept wiggling her ass as she washed the faucet.


I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I had to snap a little photo. Unfortunately she heard me fiddling with the camera and I hadn’t turned off that artificial camera sound, so it was very clear what I was doing.


She turned around and put her skirt back in place. “What are you doing? You taking picture of me Mr. Wilson?”

It was clear that she was annoyed.


“Uhh, sorry, I was just …”

I tried to come up with an excuse, hoping I would think of something while talking and stalling for time.

“I …”

She just looked at me and waited to hear what I had to say. Then I got an idea. I was going to turn the tables on her.

“What do you think my dad will say when he hears that you are exposing yourself to his teenage son?” I said.

(I was thinking to myself that he would think “me too?”)

“I did not expose me you Mr. Wilson” she argued.

“Yes you did – and I even have proof!” I said and waved my camera at her.

“Please Mr. Wilson, it was only accident, it will not happen again”.

“Yes it will” I then said, probably confusing her. “I will show my dad what you did unless you take your dress off right now”.

“But I don’t want to expose to you, Mr. Wilson”

“You already did, now you have to go through with it”

“You want me take my dress off, and you not show pictures to Mr. Wilson senior?” she asked. I nodded.


She started taking her dress off. She was wearing a very nice bra and for one moment I caught myself wondering whether she had taken that from my moms closet, but stopped, realizing how little I cared.

While my mind was wandering I discovered that she had not stopped at taking her dress off. Apparently she had understood that I wanted her to take EVERYTHING off. Well, I did, but I had not in my wildest dreams hoped for that.


Now knowing what to do with herself, she sat down in the couch. She was paralyzed. I considered for one moment to ask her to continue cleaning, but figured I would test how far my luck would go.


“I took a picture” I said, confusing her a lot, because it seemed that I had accidentally said out loud what I was planning to say when I at a later time would tell this story to someone else.

I took a picture and made a gesture with my hand. She didn’t seem to understand.

“Your leg” I said and pointed.

She moved her leg out and I got some of the most amazing pictures I could ever have dreamed of getting.


“Lie down” I said and she did so in the most ucomfortable way imaginable.

“Do you want a $15 raise per day?” I asked. She nodded.

“I can make that happen for you. I stripped in matter of seconds and went between her legs. Her wet pussy welcomed my dick when I started poking at it. It slipped in nicely while she was holding her leg up, spreading as much as possible.


I had never thought this day would turn out like this. I just thought I might sneak a peek at her panties like usual when I’m lucky. Here I was litereally fucking the maid. I moved my cock far inside until it was completely buried. I slowly moved it out again, treasuring the moments.

Then I started moving faster, each time moving it all the way inside. I looked at her face as she was making a grimmace each time my cock hit the bottom of her pussy.


It felt perfect, it was the perfect fit, a bit tight but maybe because I hadn’t given her pussy enough time to prepare for what was coming. I kept moving my cock all the way in until I could feel I was almost cumming. I moved it slowly out until I could feel the feeling subside a bit, then I moved it back in again, her pussy lips enveloping my cock.

I started fucking her again, now moving in a thrusting motion, each time moving her head against the couch as I hit the bottom of her pussy.

The familiar feeling of cumming came back. I decided to pull out again, but for some reason, it just didn’t happen. I didn’t do it and I suddenly found myself cumming in her. “Mr. Wilson!” she just said. I pulled out and the remaining cum hit her stomach and breasts.


There was an awkard silence for a while, as my cum was dripping out of her pussy and down from her belly and onto the couch. “I guess it’s back to work then”, I said.

And do you remember I offered her a raise although it’s my dad that pay her bills. Well, they already talked about that at dinner last night, he was going to tell her today. This way she will hopefully think that I made that happen. I think I’ll stay home again next Tuesday and see what happens.

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  1. Great story; I like this girl a lot better than the ones from the last few stories. It’s always a treat to see a new story posted. Thanks!

  2. That boy very bad! He make me be nude and he promise he never show pictures, but yesterday I heard him show all his friends pictures me naked – I peek around corner and he had pictures me showing on huge flatscreen tv! “Look at those awesome tits!” I heard him they all laughed. Then put picture his cum leaking my vagina!

    I snuck away not seen but heard him say he put on-line…

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