Stripper or photo model

I had been invited to a free casting titled “Photo model or stripper?”

I was proud of my body and was considering both becoming a photo model or even a stripper. I knew both of these options would pay well, and I knew I had a limited amount of years where I would my chance to have that as my career for a while.

I arrived at a professional studio with a really nice backdrop and a wardrobe. They gave me a black dress and asked me to pose for the camera.


As you can see, they instructed me not to wear underwear under the dress, because the strap would show through the dress. What I didn’t notice in the dimly lit dressing room was just how transparent the dress was. I didn’t know it at the time, but as you can see my breasts were clearly visible through the dress and had I had a bush, it would be visible too.

The dress was quite short too and when they posed me sitting down with my legs spread, I had to pull down the dress to not expose anything indecent. Well, it didn’t help much, because it was so sheer, but at least I tried.


As if that wasn’t enough, they posed me in different positions and snapped several photos of me during small wardrobe malfunctions, such as here where my dress unintentionally rides up and exposes my bald pussy on camera.


“Let’s take a break” the director said and everyone went to get a drink in a red plastic cup. It smelt of alcohol.

“Do you want to see your photos so far?” the director asked me and pointed to his laptop.

I took a look and was appalled. I was completely indecent.

He had even snapped a picture just as I sat down, before I could cover myself up, leaving my pussy clearly on display.


“Whoa, can you delete those?” I asked him.

“Why? They are mine” he said, confidently.

“I don’t want you to show them to anyone” I explained “this was a mistake”

“Oh, you don’t want to be a photo model?” he asked. I shook my head “No, not like this”.

“So you want to be a stripper, then?” he asked. “No, just delete those photos and I will pay you for your trouble, I changed my mind”

“You don’t seem to understand” the director said “Either you are a photo model and I keep these photos on my public portfolio on our website – or you are a stripper. It’s your choice, but if you don’t choose, then I choose for you, and I think you should be a photo model. I like this pictures. They’re sexy” he said.

“So I gotta be a stripper, then you delete those photos?” I asked

He nodded “Sure, why would I keep your photos if you’re not a photo model?”

“OK, I’m a stripper then” I said.

“Sure, sit over there on the floor in front of the couch”

Two guys came up to me with their cocks out.


I grabbed them instinctively.

“What is this?” I said “I’m a stripper, not a… whatever this is”

“Strippers have to suck some cock some times, it’s an occupational hazard” the director explained “unless you would rather be a photo model?” he asked and then took another photo of me holding a cock in each hand.

“No!” I said and quickly put a cock in my mouth.


The director took another picture. “Just in case you change your mind” he said.

They leaned me back and one of the guys started licking my pussy, meanwhile the director explained.

“Some times strippers give body tequila too” he said.

“In their pussy?” I managed to ask, in between cock sucking. “Sure, occassionally” the director lied.


“Take that off” the director said. “What?” I asked, not sure what he meant.

“All of it” he said. For once it was a direction that made sense for a stripper.

I got naked and continued sucking the cock, then the other guy snuck up behind me and started pushing his cock into my pussy from behind. “Occupational hazard” the director said again.


He continued fucking me from behind and I could feel him slowing down from time to time to make sure he didn’t cum. Considerate, but also prolonging the ordeal.

Even considering the prelude, I was completely surprised when he started shoving his cock into my ass hole.

“Let me guess, strippers get ass fucked some times?” I asked the director who just nodded. He took some more pictures but I didn’t care because I was determined not to be a photo model.


That meant two things.

Firstly, it was a lot tighter and the fucking slowed down, he was struggling to make it slide smoothly. Some pussy juices must have made it more slippery, because it was going better now.

Secondly, it left my pussy wide open and unoccupied, something the other guy took advantage of, and I found myself being double penetrated. Hot as hell, but not what I came for.


I noticed that it was no longer hurting each time I slid up and down on the cock in my ass and at first it was a bit of a relief, but then I realized why. His cock was going soft and eventually fell out. He’d cum in my ass.

The other guy pulled out and jacked off on my tits. Almost considerate under the circumstances. “Thanks” I even said.

I lied back in the couch and caught my breath. The director approached me and asked “So will you be paying by card or cash for the photo shoot?”

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