Stupid job interview

Well, the job interview was stupid, but really it was me who was most stupid. I was being interviewed for a waitress job at a bar known for their hot waitresses. I am a skilled waitress, but there are not a lot of jobs to get. They are all taken, so I really needed this job.

As I said, I was stupid. He talked me into believing that it would be relevant for him to see me naked during the job interview. As I stepped out of my panties, I knew it wasn’t right.


I know why I was so stupid. I was late with paying my rent and I had been interviewed for many jobs without luck. This put me in a difficult position, making me unable to be ‘difficult’ – I really just wanted to show that I could be a no nonsense valued employee.

I turned around as he asked me and then I heard a click and then another. He was taking pictures.


I was first shocked, but it was too late, he had already taken the pictures. I played it cool, although I wasn’t.

“These will do nicely” he mumbled. I looked over at the pictures and saw that he had captured all the details.


“Nicely for what?” I asked, as a reply to his mumbling.

He looked up at me, well, he glanced at my pussy first, but then looked at my face. “For the website. I’m creating a website with pictures of all the applicants that didn’t get the job”.

“What?” I was shocked, but still trying to weigh my words, I still wanted to job. I wanted to say ‘You can’t do that’, but modified it slightly, to something less aggressive. “How can you even do that?” I asked.

“I can do whatever I want with these pictures. It’s my office and I took the pictures.”

“But … “ I was distraught, knowing he was right. “Is there no chance I can get the job, then?”

“Maybe if you let me fuck you right now” he said, very bluntly.

I was surprised, but not THAT surprised. I weighed the alternatives. Get the job if I fucked him. If I didn’t, he would publish nude pictures of me on his website. I decided it was worth it, but I wanted it in writing. “MAYBE isn’t good enough” I said. “If I do that, you gotta present a signed contract right now”

He nodded. “Sure, we’ll have to include the part about the fucking too, you never know how people are gonna look on a thing like that otherwise”.

I completely agreed and was happy to sign the contract, ensuring a secure job and most importantly, next months’ rent. As promised, he grabbed me and started fucking me.


The contract was for at least 6 months so I was safe for that long. I was already thinking I should be looking for another job before the 6 months were up, because I wouldn’t want to prolong my contract with a shady fellow like this guy.

I gave a little “Oww” as he pushed his cock all the way to the bottom of my pussy. “Yeah” he replied, “you might as well get used to it”. I was puzzled by this remark. ‘Get used to it’. What did he mean. Better ask him.

“What do you mean, get used to it?” I asked.

“To the fucking” he said, as if it was the most natural thing in the world. “You signed a 6 month contract to be fucked by anyone who asks for it, any time, within working hours of this bar, which is from 1 PM to 4 AM, Tuesday to Sunday. You got the job!”

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