Substituting for a model

A friend of mine had called me up and asked if I could be downtown in 15 minutes – he is working at a photo studio and one of their models had not showed up and they needed a substitute model ASAP. I would get paid the same amount as the model would have, $200 for 2 hours. I was broke and I was game.

My friend did explain to me that the modeling included some underwear shots and a little nudity but he assured me it was done in a very classy way.

I must admit it was.


The set was gorgeous and the lighting was even cooler. I felt really great walking onto the set in the outfit I had been given and I felt even greater when the photographer started clicking away.

“Great” the photographer complimented me. I had been very nervous but was so excited now because it was going so well and the encouragement only enhanced that. I felt completely confident and felt like I was a star so the timing where the photographer asked if I would take some nude shots, just like the original model was supposed to, I agreed and was even excited about it.


I guess I don’t have a classic modeling body, but I’m in great shape and I’m confident about my own body. Being naked on this gorgeous set was exciting and when the photographer asked me to give some sexy poses, it came perfectly natural to me. I was getting horny and the poses he wanted came out as soon as I stopped restraining myself.

I was just getting into it when the photographer’s cell phone rang. He picked it up and left the room.

A few minutes later he came back. “The original model just called and is coming here in 5 minutes. So sorry to have bothered you miss, but since we have the original model coming, we don’t need you after all. You were a great sport, though”.

Outrageous! I looked over at my friend who worked at the set, but he just shrugged his shoulders. I couldn’t believe that … it was not just that the photographer indicated he wouldn’t pay me, but that I would be replaced by the other model was very unsatisfactory. And what’s more, I was just getting into this and was not ready to stop.

“Were you unhappy with my performance?” I asked “couldn’t we finish my photo shoot? After all, the other model was very late, this is not fair” I argued, without making too much logical sense.

The photographer looked thoughtful and then suggested “You’re right – what do you say that we make a double shoot with both of you?”

That sounded great – I was feeling very confident and was not afraid that some other model would outshine me on the set. I agreed.

5 minutes later, the other model entered the set. Not what I expected.


The other model was a man!! I was in total shock.

I just stood still and started into the air – and on his boner, I guess. He gave the camera attention and it clicked away but I was completely frozen. That’s until the photographer started addressing me. “Please pose for the camera – act together, as if you were both in the same room – lean up against him”

I did as instructed but took care not to get in contact with his boner.


Whoa, this was hot – I was getting my horniness back. I was naked – oh sooo naked – on the set and now felt the guys chest on my hand, my boob against his body and was looking at his nice big boner out of the corner of my eye.

“Can you let your hand slide down across her bottom?” the photographer instructed the guy, as he let his hand follow my lower back, down to my right butt cheek. He gave it a soft squeeze as the camera clicked away. It only added to my horniness.

“Grab his penis” the photographer instructed me. Before I thought about it for any length of time, I was suddenly holding his penis.


I had been thinking of grabbing it subconsciously and that same subconscious was happy to have been given the instruction to grab it. It felt nice and hard.

“Lie down, Tom” the photographer instructed “Now you stand behind him with your legs slightly apart – put your left hand lightly over your breast” he instructed me. As I was busy following instructions, I suddenly felt a warm sensation between my legs – moreso than the wet and warm sensation that was already there. It was his tongue.


Oh yes, he was in fact slowly licking my pussy. He was licking my outer lips and then moved his tongue in to touch my clit. For a moment I even forgot that I was in the middle of a photo shoot and just let myself go to the moment. Moments later I realized where I was, perhaps also partly because he stopped.

“It would be a great shot if you could pose just over his penis, crouched down over him. Yes, just like that”. I crouched down. He held his penis up and I knelt down.

“Just a little lower”

“Uh oh, now you’re not directly above it”

“Yes, a little lower.”

“That’s good, just a little lower”.

Suddenly I could feel his penis touching my open vagina.


“Yes, that’s good”

“Wait” …

Meanwhile my legs were getting tired and I could still feel his penis slightly touching my pussy. My pussy was sooo wet and I knew it would feel so good to just let it slide in. My legs were getting more tired still and then I just gave in, so to speak. I slowly let my legs relax until I just couldn’t stay up any longer and with one smooth motion, I slit completely down on his penis.


He immediately held his hands under my thighs and helped me get up again – or so I thought, because after he helped me get just a few inches up, not quite enough to get off his penis – and then he just let me go again and I fell right back down on his penis. Maybe his arms got tired – but he didn’t give up quite yet, because he tried again to help me get up, but get gave up again – he continued like this for a few minutes and it felt just great.

After 100s of photos and almost as many attempts at lifting me up, I had cum 2 times and he had cum too. It was the first of many photo shoots to come. I can’t believe I get paid for this!

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